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Welcome from our Senior Pastors

Welcome to Praise Center Online! Thank you for visiting our website. As you navigate through it, you will find the many wonderful opportunities we have available for you and your family. There are amazing opportunities for Christian growth and discipleship as well as activities designed to bring us closer to one another as the family of God. After all, that’s what we are!

We are a family of faith and love and we would love for you to be a part of all the excitement. Jesus Christ is the center of all we do here at Praise Center. We “Praise” Him in everything! Come join us!

May God bless you in all you do!

Pastor William & Francine

Special Guest – Evangelist Scott Hinkle

NO REGRETS – Session 7 – A Fantastic Future

JAMES 1:19-21 – Preparing The Soil Of Your Heart

NO REGRETS – Session 5 – The Leftovers

JAMES 1:16-18 – God’s Goodness

NO REGRETS – Session 5 – Family & Friends

James 1:13-15 The Root Of Temptation

NO REGRETS – Session 4 – Heeding To My Health