Where Would I Be?

by Anita Mondragon

The other day, I began remembering all the good things in my life…things that God has given to me.  Then, I remembered the days before I knew Him.  What a contrast!  Those days were sad, lonely, and full of despair.  So I sat down and wrote the lyrics to what someday I hope will be a song.  These words were written to the Lord, to express my gratitude for His gracious mercy to me.  They are more of a prayer than anything. 

My days before You, were empty…

Lonely, and filled with cries.

But You gave me a reason to live…

The first time I looked in your eyes.

You knew my soul needed saving…

That’s why You died for me.

As You hung on the Cross, between Heaven and earth

…There…on Mount Calvary!

Only You know what would have happened,

To this wretched, lost soul…namely ME;

If I did n’t have You in my world…

Then, where in this world would I be?


Oh what love!  What marvelous love, that You should die for me!

If I didn’t have You in my world…then where in this world would I be?