By Anita Mondragon
My husband sometimes runs sound for the Denver Municipal Band, and the Jazz part of that band had a gig at Stern Park the other night.  They were going to have a fireworks display after the gig as well!  A real treat!

This was all going to happen in Littleton, and there was a Tiny House Festival going on in that neck of the woods as well, so my son and I decided to join dad in his adventure.


I’m a huge fan of the Tiny House movement, and have always wanted to see them in person, so my husband, although not a fan at the thought of living in a small space like that, willingly agreed to take me, for he knows my love of these small spaces and he always puts me first!


He made a wonderful breakfast for us…scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, hash browns, toast…really delicious!  Then we got ready and left the house at 11 a.m. We were gone all day, and arrived back at home twelve hours later.  It was a long day, but flew by quickly because we were enjoying ourselves.

Our son, Joel kept going up to his dad and hugging him, telling him, “I love you daddy!” Or…”Thanks for bringing us dad…this is really fun!”  I too spoke of my love and gratitude for my husband’s kindness and generosity to me.

On our way home, my husband said, “I’m really glad you guys came with me today!  It would have been such a long day without you!  You’ve made it so much better by being here with me!”

When I awoke this morning, my first thought was of yesterday.  We all had such a wonderful time, just being in each other’s company, eating together, talking, and sharing our dreams…it really was an unforgettable day!

Then I heard God say…”That’s the kind of quality time I want to spend with YOU…everyday!”  


WOW!  I had never really thought about that, but if we KNOW Jesus as our Savior, then we are called the ‘Sons of God‘…so we ARE His children…He IS our daddy!


When put in that perspective, we can see God’s side of things.  He wants to be with us each moment of everyday.  We should invite him to accompany us through all of our doings during the day.  He wants to be there with us. 


I want to add something right here….  If we KNOW Him…He is with us.  He said He’ll never leave us or forsake us.  But He wants us to “feel” His presence.  


He’s like us (or rather, we’re like Him), He wants to be invited.  He’d rather not “crash” your party…He wants to feel welcome!  When we welcome Him, He says, “You’ve made MY day so much better by being here with me!”


He wants to ‘eat’ with us.  The Bible says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good!” -Psalm 34:8.  When we read His Word, He feeds our souls and sustains us with the things we’ve read!


He wants to ‘talk’ with us.  That is what prayer is for.  It is our way to communicate with God…to tell him our deepest desires and take our fears to Him.  Here’s what it says in 1 John 5:14- “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”


He wants to ‘hear’ about our dreams.  You see, He has dreams and plans for us as well. He says in Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Do you want an unforgettable day???  Then spend some time with your Daddy!


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