Are We There Yet?

By Anita Mondragon
“They were longing for a better country–a heavenly one.” -Hebrews
A few years back, there was a movie that came out called, Are We There Yet?
 I’m sure some of you have seen it.
If you have children…you can relate to the content of the movie.  It was pretty
true to life, and very funny.

However, the older I get, I find myself asking the Lord the same question….  “Are we there yet?  Are we almost home?  Are you coming back soon to get us?”

Some days, I long for Christs’ return.  On other occasions, I pray for His mercy…to wait just a little longer for those that need to come to Him…for those still groping in darkness…looking for truth…lost…doomed…damned.

And even though I’m tired of this life when I see the chaos and turmoil of the world, I know I will be at rest one day.  The same can’t be said for some.  They have ‘one hell of a life’ here…and then die without Jesus and will have Hell for all eternity.


Yes!  I want to go home and be with Jesus; but I need to keep looking ahead with faith in my heart and ask God to use me to bring others into His kingdom.  I want to be like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz…as I walk down this ‘yellow brick road’ called life, I want to find, and bring those helpless, lost souls to Jesus.  HE (Jesus), is no longer behind the curtain.  The veil was rent, torn, to reveal His presence.  We can come directly to Him and make our requests known.

Let’s stop asking Him, “Are we there yet?”, and pray…”Lord, help me get just one more…”

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