By Anita Mondragon
The following is something my son Micah, wrote while on vacation in Montana.  Turns out…he is an awesome writer!  Enjoy!-anita

Most physically (and spiritually) intense kayaking/camping trip of my life. 3 days, and many miles on the Missouri River.

From 150+ foot canyon walls, to endless knolls, and valleys that you could see for miles. The Sun beating down on me in day, reflecting off of the water as if it were a mirror, scorching skin. The Moon illuminating my path at night while scouring for wildflowers from the depths of the Forest for my mother who loves them so much. Sometimes on the water, the headwinds were 20+ MPH, and other times, it was so still, it was as if I was sailing on glass.

Nature and the elements have a way of humbling you as an individual, leaving you in awe, letting you know that there are mightier things than you, while simultaneously forcing upon you the undeniable truth of your own relevant existence in this world.

One of my favorite quotes from the Silmarillion came to me many times while reflecting on the water.

“It is said by the Eldar that in water there lives yet the echo of the Music of the Ainur more than in any substance that is in this Earth; and many of the Children of Ilúvatar hearken, still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen.”

I’m beginning to understand.

By:  Micah Mondragon -June 2016


My Husband Mike, his dad, wrote back in response:

The bible also says: O Lord My God, You Are Very Great
104 Bless the Lord, O my soul!
O Lord my God, you are very great!
You are clothed with splendor and majesty,
2    covering yourself with light as with a garment,
stretching out the heavens like a tent.
3 He lays the beams of his chambers on the waters;
he makes the clouds his chariot;
he rides on the wings of the wind;
4 he makes his messengers winds,
his ministers a flaming fire.
5 He set the earth on its foundations,
so that it should never be moved.
6 You covered it with the deep as with a garment;
the waters stood above the mountains.
7 At your rebuke they fled;
at the sound of your thunder they took to flight.
8 The mountains rose, the valleys sank down
to the place that you appointed for them.
9 You set a boundary that they may not pass,
so that they might not again cover the earth.
10 You make springs gush forth in the valleys;
they flow between the hills;
11 they give drink to every beast of the field;
the wild donkeys quench their thirst.
12 Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell;
they sing among the branches.
13 From your lofty abode you water the mountains;
the earth is satisfied with the fruit of your work.
14 You cause the grass to grow for the livestock
and plants for man to cultivate,
that he may bring forth food from the earth
15    and wine to gladden the heart of man,
oil to make his face shine
and bread to strengthen man’s heart.-Psalm 104:1-15

God speaks to us every day through nature.  Be still, and take time to listen what He’s saying to your heart! – anita

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