It is finished

As we prepare to enter into what we call Holy week or Passion week lets keep in mind the redeeming work that has been accomplished on the cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ was mocked, scorned, and tortured. He carried his cross up the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem to Calvary, was nailed to the Cross and hung between two common criminals, and suffered an indescribable end.

This is the week that the church celebrates and takes time to reflect on the tremendous work of the cross. What seemed to be the darkest day actually became the brightest day for mankind.  As we meditate on the Passion of Christ we are reminded that his task is completed. Jesus was obedient to the Father and gave his love (life) for mankind.

When he spoke those words “it is finished”, some pretty miraculous events happened, demonstrating that the cross was a triumph and not a tragedy.

One event was the terrifying darkness- it was a supernatural darkness that covered the land from about noon to 3:00 p.m. Noon time was the time that the High Priest would enter the Temple to slaughter a pure spotless lamb as a sacrifice. About 3:00 He would enter the Holy of Holies to offer the blood of the Passover Lamb to cover the sins of the nation. It was at that time that Jesus takes his last breath and in a victorious shout of triumph cries out those words “It is finished”

The darkness demonstrated that Jesus was the Son of God; this was the darkest day in history because this was the day that the Son of God himself was being put to death for the sins of man. It also symbolized the darkness of sin, John 3:19-21 tells us that sin carries out its deeds in darkness; it is this sin that leads to the worst kind of darkness-eternal death and separation from God.

The light of God’s presence was being withdrawn; Jesus was becoming sin for us.

Christ died at the 9th hour, that is 3:00, the very hour the priest was make the evening offering of the Passover lamb, the true Lamb of God was being sacrificed for the sins of mankind just outside the city walls.

When Jesus was lifted up on the cross- the cross became the eternal mercy seat on which the blood of the final sacrifice was made, it was no longer necessary for a Priest to continually make a sacrifice year after year because Jesus’ blood had settled the issue forever.

Join me on Monday for the rest of the story.