Ending Our Fast

At the beginning of our fast you were asked to write down some things that you wanted to see accomplished as a result of fasting. I pray that you will take another look at those things you wrote down.

Have your thoughts changed? Has God answered any of your prayers? How have you been feeling physically? I am sure that many of you have lost a few unwanted pounds. We have heard testimonies of family members surrendering to Christ. Blood pressure has dropped, blood sugar is stabilizing, and bitterness is gone.

I know that many spiritual and physical manifestations will result because you consecrated yourself to fasting and prayer, but what about the changes that have been taking place in the spirit realm?

Hearts are changing, a desire for more of God is starting to bloom, and strong holds are being broken.  We may never know the results of our fasting and prayer time until we get to heaven but be assured every prayer was heard.

The body, I am sure, rebelled in the beginning but I know that the spirit man has been touched and that God is accomplishing great things in your life.

I look forward to hearing from you about some of the things that God is accomplishing in your life and with anticipation I trust that this will not be the first or last time that you set yourself to fast and pray to seek the Lord.

One word of caution please be very careful in ending your fast, don’t go back immediately to eating heavy foods, you have been feeding your body (God’s temple) healthy nourishing foods– no junk food, caffeine or sugar. It could be pretty tempting to go out and feast but if you do, it could result in some physical distress, so gradually ease into it adding one thing at a time. Hopefully you will continue to eat many of these healthy foods and that you will continue the discipline of prayer and reading the Word.

Take some time to thank God for the experience and the lessons He has taught you about allowing the Holy Spirit to control you. Compare how you feel now compared to when you started the fast.

You made a serious decision 21 days ago to turn down your plate and to seek the Lord for a deeper level of intimacy with Him. We have learned that fasting is not a spiritual hunger strike that compels God to do our bidding and fasting does not mean that if we ask for something against Gods will it will change his mind. No fasting doesn’t change God’s mind, it changes our prayer; I trust that you are seeing those changes.

Today our fast is officially ended it has been a tremendous time. I pray that you will make this a part of your lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you every Tuesday evening as we continue to seek the Lord in prayer.

Thanks once again for joining me on this exciting journey as we have sought the Lord together.

Praise God for His great Love and desire for His people to be whole spirit, soul, and body.