By Anita Mondragon
Have you ever wandered so far from the Lord, you feel you’ve gone to a place unreachable for even His mercy?  I know I have…a few times! But God’s grace and mercy are boundless!

I stray…and then I pray.

Me:  “Don’t you hate me?”

God:  “I could never hate you!”

Me:  “But I left you…followed my own ways…let Satan have control….”

God:  “It doesn’t matter how many times you leave me.  I will always be here for you…until your last breath, I’ll be waiting for your return….”

When I think about that, I’m reminded of the account in the Bible regarding Gethsemane.  Get the picture: Jesus is in great sorrow. His fleshly side knows of the anguish he is about to endure on the cross.  It’’ so overwhelming-he sweats drops of blood. He asks if there is another way…. But in the end, he says, “Not my will Father, but Yours be done!”

Then Judas shows up-his follower, his friend.  Jesus already knew that Judas would betray him.  But the thing that sticks out in my mind in this story is Jesus’ reaction to “the kiss”.  He doesn’t immediately rebuke Judas or push him away.  No. He says, “Why have you come friend?”


I believe that was Jesus extending mercy to Judas once more…giving him another chance to change his mind…to not betray him…to come back…to do the right thing.  But we all know what happened. Judas did not do the right thing.  

We all set in judgement over the actions of Judas.  We label him as the worst sinner ever for betraying the Son of God and delivering Him into the hands of the enemy.  How dare he do such a thing!?


We are all guilty of that sin at least once in our lives-and I daresay, more.  You may say, “I have NEVER betrayed God or denied Him!”


How about the time your co-workers were mocking and laughing at God, the Bible, and Christianity, and you slunk your way out of the breakroom hoping no one knew you professed to be a Christian?  Or when the dirty jokes were being told in the foulest of language….and you joined right in?

We praise Him on Sunday, and curse Him on Monday.  We betray Him by our very denial of knowing Him. And yet, He stands with arms open wide-ever ready to forgive us! 



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