By Anita Mondragon

In a dream last night, I saw Heaven so fair…

But something was wrong!  Your face wasn’t there.

I ran up and down those streets of gold;

I searched so frantically…just hoping to hear from your mouth, one word.

But instead, this sad phrase is what I heard…

“You never mentioned Him to me!”

“You knew I was sick, and not long for this world,

Lost…not knowing the way;

But did you ever speak His name to me?

NO! … You had nothing to say.”

“You were always so eager with me to share

Your troubles, your worries and your cares;

But now here I stand on Judgment’s rim…

You shared everything with me…everything, but Him!”

“I know you’re in the bliss of Heaven right now,

But, for just how long will that be?

When in your minds’ eye, you see me in torment, and remember…

You never mentioned Him to me!”

“I know God will soon wipe away all tears,

But for me, that will never be.

I have an eternity to languish in pain,

And wish you had mentioned Him to me!”

“But, you never told me about Him…

You never mentioned His name;

And now it’s too late to change anything,

Or point a finger in blame.”


When you arise and find that this is only a dream…

When you wake from your fitful sleep…

Make a promise within your heart…

Make it while you still weep!

Go… and say His name… to everyone that you see…

Then you won’t have to hear those awful words…

“You never mentioned Him to me!”

  Anita Mondragon  March 2005

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