By Anita Mondragon

I was searching for something to put in the blog, and ran across this scrap of paper.  Sometime ago, I had jotted this down, and now I share with you…-anita


The Holy Spirit came to me as gentle as a dove;

He said, “Someone has sent me to tell you of their love.  

So…excuse me please…

Can we talk awhile about your Spiritual state?”

I started to protest…but He said, 


“Please listen NOW, for tomorrow may be too late! 


He hopes these words will make you see…


He gave His all to set you free!”


“In His Holy Word, He says, ‘I sent My Son, to die for you!’ 

Give me this chance, and I’ll explain, 

How His death paid all your due!”

“This is something personal from Jesus Christ to you…

He wants you as you are,

 So He can make you new!”

He just wants you like you are.  

He knows your faults and failures…

How you’ve wandered off, afar.”

“Just give Him a chance to tell you, 

And then, you’ll plainly see, 

 That He gave His life there, on the Cross…”



  Anita Mondragon  2011

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