By Anita Mondragon
Have you ever made an appointment with someone, only to end up waiting way past the time you were to be seen?  I have!  Almost every time I make a Doctor appointment, I have to wait 20-30 minutes past my appointment time sitting in the waiting room-paging through old magazines; then I’m shown to a room and told the doctor will be right in.  However, that seldom happens, and I wait even longer before they knock on the door and rush through with a smile and an apology.  
I’ve been a Christian for 51 years, and at times, I find the answers to my prayers to be quite similar.  Most of the time, my answer comes quickly, but the hard ones…the ones that concern the choices of others seem to take longer. 



By Anita Mondragon
The other night I went up in the gym and began playing the old piano that sits against the wall.  Now, keep in mind I am not an accomplished musician.  In fact, I can’t even read notes; I play by ear.
Well, as long as I stayed right there in the middle of the keyboard, things sounded real good.  However, when I got in the lower or upper keys, I found that the old piano was out of tune.
The more I pondered on this, I realized the body of Christ is sometimes like that old piano.  Then I made it personal and examined myself.  What I found was appalling!



By Galynn Pfau
My soul cries out in anguish and despair
I’m broken…I need repair.
Lord, Your will be done.
I will not run.
I will not hide.
It is You, God
That’s keeping me alive! 
I will sharpen my blade,
Put on my armor,
And You oh Lord
Will pierce the darkness 
That has come upon me.
Shining the light
For me to fight.
I can’t see beyond this day
All I can do is pray
That You will lead the way.
The sky is dark,
The air is heavy.
The devil is secretly preparing
To turn what is sacred to unholy.
The plot is thick.
He is drooling…
Blood dripping from his lips.
He is hungry.
Turn away from God, and he will devour you!


By Anita Mondragon
If you are a born again Believer…you know about grace.  If you’re not, the definition is simple.  It is the unmerited favor of God upon you.  In simpler terms, that just means, we don’t get what we deserve…we receive love, mercy and forgiveness instead.
It’s easy to obtain grace-at least from God.  All we have to do is confess our sins and He will forgive us.  However, it’s not that easy to receive grace from others because they usually don’t want to give it!  
The point is…



By Lee Pierce

I’ve been reading in the book of Joshua recently and have gotten bogged down in one of the greatest mysteries in the Bible: the time that Joshua prayed and God made the sun and moon stand still for nearly 24 hours.

I don’t know about you, but I find this fascinating, but perplexing, all at the same time.

In Joshua 10, as Joshua is following the Lord’s command to continue the conquest of the promised land, the Bible describes a very unusual event.  The Israelites were contending with the Amorites and the Lord had caused great confusion among the Amorites, and also had slain many of them by causing a great hail storm to fall, killing many. Given that the Amorites were being killed in great numbers, it’s curious that Joshua then prays to God to stop the sun and the moon in place [verses 10:12-13]. Joshua’s stated purpose for this request is so that the army of Israel could complete the conquest of the enemy.  In doing so, they would be obedient to God’s command.



by Anita Mondragon
What separates you from having joy?  I’m sure most of us right now would have to include Covid19 as being at least one thing that keeps us from having joy.  There are other ‘things’ attached to this virus…no travel, stay at home, confinement, boredom, loneliness….
So my question to you is…what will make you happy in life?  Is it going back to the norm of the way life was before the virus?  Going to work everyday,  being busy all the time…??  What will it take?
What if this virus lasts longer than folks expect?  What if you don’t have a job to return to when this is all over?  What if your idea of happiness never comes?



by Anita Mondragon
If is a small word…only two letters, but in regards to Scripture, it is the biggest word in the Bible.  1 John 1:9-10 says this:  ” If we confess our sinshe is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. [10] If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.”
Most of us don’t consider ourselves to be ‘sinners’.  We admit that we aren’t perfect, we know we do things that are displeasing to the Lord, but we end up by saying, “I’m pretty good…I’m not all that bad.  I’m just as good as everyone else.  I try to be kind…I obey the law, pay my taxes, etc.”
But the word ‘if’ seems to imply that there is a choice involved.



by Bernice Sainz
It’s 6 am and I watch an ambulance drive away from my neighbors house. We live in a retirement community, no sirens, so nobody else knows what’s going on. God prompts me to go to their house. Lord, I really don’t know them. Again He prompts me. As I knock on the door a woman in her 80’s answers. I don’t even know her name. I introduce myself, she let’s me in and you can see the worry in her eyes. Her words were, I can’t even go to be with him, we go everywhere together.


A Square Peg and  A Round Hole

by Anita Mondragon
I found myself a little more than annoyed this morning when I was awakened by these words:  “You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole…”  This phrase played over and over in my mind like a stuck record.
I was in a sweet slumber, reveling in the warmth of my fuzzy blanket, when those words shattered my peace!  Finally I said out loud, “What are you talkin’ about Lord?”
Some of you may ask how I knew it was the Lord.  Well, that’s the way He talks to me.  My mind always has a million tasks I need to finish…a long list of things going through it at any given time, so God has to sound like a broken record before I hear Him.
That being said, the next words I heard were, “Get up and start writing.” 



by Art Herrera
Today at the gas station a man yelled at me using some very colorful language…! He said for me to use hand sanitizer that way I do not infect him and his wife with this virus that is going on. I didn’t see any hand sanitizer so I asked him to show me. He came over next to me really close and showed me where the sanitizer was attached. I pointed out to him that he was only two feet away from me and if one of us was infected now both of us are. The man asked me why I am so calm with all of this that is going on in our world. I told him I have great peace because God is the one that has given me the peace.


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  1. Anita says:

    What a great prayer! As Believers, this is the kind of stuff we should be seeking God for on a daily basis!
    Thanks for the reminder sister Francine!

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