God, IN you!

By Anita Mondragon

At times, we of the lower middle class look at those more financially fortunate than ourselves, and envy what they have.

We wish our house was larger, our car newer, our bank account more substantial.  Even Christians find themselves always wishing for more.  It is a malady of the human spirit.  We never seem to be satisfied!


Now, for the person who has not yet found Jesus, this desire for more is understood.  God has placed in us all a void, a spot that only His presence can fill.  That’s why you see so many well-to-do folks still using their riches to search for something more to make them happy.  One house won’t suffice…they must have vacation homes all over the world; a fishing boat just don’t cut it…they want a yacht; a reliable car is not enough…it must be a Ferrari, or the like so they can boast at having the most expensive.  They throw parties and invite folks they hardly are acquainted with, and call them “friends.”



Some Christian folks that have found Jesus do the same but on a much smaller scale.  They try to “keep us with the Jones’ “…bigger house…newer car…4,000 Face Book “friends”….  Forgetting that Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and is not just ‘with them’, but that He LIVES IN them!


Most people in this life have addictions…even Christians.  It could be a drinking problem, anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear, unforgiveness, gluttony, and the list goes on; the only difference between the Christian and the unsaved man, is that the Christian has Jesus living IN him, and therefore has access to the power of God to help him overcome these addictions!  We are children of God, and have all the resources of God Almighty living IN us!


Next time your desires get out of control, and you begin to envy what others have…remember WHO lives IN you!  Then ask them if they have a Million in their account like you do….



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