Heart WideOpen

I began reading the book, Heart Wide Open, and like many of you, as I began to read this book, I could see myself in it’s pages. I’ve gone to church pretty much all my life. I know what the Bible has to say. I am a born-again Believer. …But my “relationship” with Jesus, most times is not as intimate as it should be!
Oh yes, I have my moments where He is all I need and want, but they are far and few between. He’s heard me say that I love Him. I tell Him that almost every time I pray. But in all honesty, I don’t always live like I love Him. For you readers that are married, or have ever been in love, you realize that loving someone makes you do crazy things! You’ll do anything for them, and you don’t care who’s watching! That’s the kind of love and devotion God wants from us. That’s the kind of relationship He wants!
Like the boldness David had when he met Goliath on the battle field. Like the trust Daniel had in the lion’s den.
Like the raw desire Mary Magdalene had when she went to a party, uninvited just to be near the Savior.
I’m quite sure when David got to the battle field and saw how BIG Goliath was…a fleeting thought went through his head that said, “You’re crazy boy! Look at this huge guy! What in the world made you want to come out here and pick a fight? …” But then, faith got a hold of David, and boldness took over. He boldly put that rock in his sling, and let God do the rest…
Daniel knew the edict of the king. He knew the penalty for being caught in prayer to any god but the king. Any person in their right mind would fear being thrown into a den of lions; but his trust in God Almighty was so great that he risked everything to speak with “his friend”, the Lord. So he trusted….and he prayed.
Mary Magdalene was used to the jeers from those around her. Their disparaging looks were nothing new to her. But her desire to be close to Jesus was deeper. So she went to the party, uninvited. She washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She didn’t care who saw her. She wasn’t concerned about what they thought.
Knowing God changes things in your life. It changes your perspective. The things you used to deem important, now seem trivial. The activities you used to engage in…the things you wanted to do, you no longer want to do them. That’s because God took your broken want-to and fixed it. But, like the author so aptly pointed out, God will NOT force His want-to on you! He gave us free will. He doesn’t want the servitude of a robot; He wants the worship and adoration of a grateful heart!
Sometimes we think that if we give our all to Jesus, our life will no longer be filled with ‘fun’…everyday will be the same…life will be mundane. But for those of us that have given our want-to to Jesus, even once…we know better! Life was anything but boring for the three characters I mentioned above!
Take your broken want-to to Jesus. Take it every day. Lay it at His feet, and ask Him to fix it for you. He will!
Anita Mondragon

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  1. Esther Torrez says:

    Very well said, what will it take to get to this point? My friend your words are always heart felt. How often my Want-to is forgotten in the every day hustle and struggles of life trying to accomplish all. Your words have stopped in my tracks today. Thank you and have a blessed day. Your Friend Esther Torrez

    • Anita says:

      So sorry! I just saw this! I never thought to check for a comment! LOL Your words have encouraged me!
      Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting through to anyone…Thanks again for your comments my friend! Hugs to you! anita

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