By Anita Mondragon
 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.-Proverbs 15:3
Awhile back, I saw a little sign at a Christian Book Store.  At first, I decided to buy it for my eleven year old son, hoping that its words would cause him to think about his actions, knowing that God Almighty was watching his every move.  Then, I realized that I needed to think about my own actions as well, so I hung it in the kitchen for both of us to be able to observe it several times a day.

It was a simple three word statement, but the signature gave it the ‘punch’ it needed to catch my attention and cause me to ponder its importance.  All it said was: I SAW THAT… and it was signed:              – GOD

Most times when I think about God seeing me, or watching me, it strikes a certain amount of reverent fear in my heart, causing me to do the right thing.  If I’ve already done something displeasing to God, and then remember that He’s seen it…it makes me want to fall on my knees, call out to Him, and repent.

However, we need to realize that God sees us in our sorrow and sadness as well.  He sees when someone hurts us and He knows how it adversely affects us. He knows how the death of a loved one causes us much pain; how divorce affects not only the spouse, but the damage it does to the family as a whole; how bad health and disease affects not only the sick, but all those close to them; how wayward children bring agony upon the mother and father, at times making them lose faith.  He not only sees…but He is there taking every step and walking through it all with us!

He also sees the good things we do.  He knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts.  He fully understands the intent in which we carry out our deeds –weather they be good or bad.

Perhaps we need to examine ourselves from time to time.  We must ask ourselves “WHY?” am I doing this? Why do I speak the way I do? Do I praise God in private the same way I praise Him in public? Do I do things for others so I will be glorified?  … Or is all I do, done for the glory of God?





-Anita Mondragon 2020

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