Markers In A Row

by Anita Mondragon

“NOW is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”  2 Corinthians 6:2

In John 10:9, Jesus said: “I am the door.  If anyone enters by ME, he will be saved.”  One day, the door of God’s mercy will close.  Our response to Jesus, and His offer of salvation will determine our destination.  Come now…while the door of mercy is still open!

I walked among the dead today;

I saw their markers in a row…

And not a sound was heard at all,

Except the wind, whispering soft and low.

No talk of tomorrows,

Or of things left undone…

No plans for the future

Come the morning sun.

No laughter, or crying…

Only silence was there;

But the sound of that silence

Was too much to bear!

My eyes clouded over

With tears of regret,

Though the names there before me

Were none I had met.

But, sure as I lived,

They were kin to me;

We all belonged

To humanity!

Then I sadly recalled

All the folks that I knew

With Whom I’d never shared Jesus…

My friend, strong and true.

The tears freely flowed

Down my face once again,

As I remembered some friends

Who had died in their sins.

I’d walked alongside them

Day, after day…

But never told them of Jesus,

The Truth, The Life, The Way.

As I stood gazing

At the markers before me…

I wondered how many

Were hurled into eternity

Never knowing of Jesus,

Or His marvelous love…

How He died on the cross,

So He could take us above.

Then I thought about Jesus,

How He’d given His all,

To save us from darkness,

And the curse of the fall.

I cried and I wept,

As I thought of the lost,

And the price Christ had paid,

Hanging there…on that cross.

Then the voices of those

That lay there before me,

Were loud as the silence

I’d heard on the breeze.

Some whispered in peace…

Others screamed out in pain;

But the words that they spoke,

Were one and the same:

“Call out to Jesus…

Today is the day!

Don’t wait ’till tomorrow…

Say yes…don’t delay!

He’s waiting to save you…

Take hold of His hand.

Don’t die without Him…

Just heed His command!”

Then, the one’s that were

Screaming out in their pain,

Cried, “One more chance…

I’ll call on His name!

Just one drop of water…

Let me quench my thirst…

For these flames, they torment me!…”

Then they screamed, and they cursed.

But those that knew Jesus,

As Savior and Lord,

Whispered…”Trust Him today”…

Just believe on His word!

He’ll NEVER leave or forsake you,

He’ll ALWAYS be there…

Just call on Him now,

Give Him all your cares;

For Heaven is waiting,

For you, if you do.

He’ll take you with Him…

His promise is true!


By: Anita Mondragon 

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