I am always reminded of the verse in John 1:29 that says this:

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

That Lamb…Mary’s little Lamb, is Jesus!

One day, I was watching my grand-daughter, Audrey.  She came to me in the kitchen, and tugged on my dress… 

 “Grandma…will you read me some nursery rhymes?” 

 I told her to go get the book.  As she crawled into my lap and I began to read, the first five words struck me to the heart! 

 “Mary had a little lamb…”  

 At that very moment, God’s voice was almost audible, as I heard Him say to me… 

 “Yes…she did, and HE was the Son of God!”

 After she left, Jesus and I sat down and wrote this poem together.  

 Hope you enjoy! 


Mary had a little Lamb.

He was the Son of God!

That Christmas night He came to earth,

The angels did applaud!

They KNEW He would for sin atone,

And die upon a tree…

And by His blood, WASH all men clean,

And set their spirits free!

A light shined bright outside the door,

Where naught but darkness was before;

To light the way…to show the path

Of incarnate love, that would quell God’s wrath.


In stable low, while shepherds watched,

And cattle were a lowing…

The King, lay sleeping in the hay

Even though a child, yet knowing;

His PURPOSE for mankind was clear…

It was the REASON He appeared!


He went from sitting on a throne,

To lying in a manger.

From being worshipped and adored…

To being but a stranger.

From hearing angel voices singing,

Holy!  Holy!  Holy!

To hearing sounds of sheep and cattle,

In this stable, lowly.


From eyes of adoration

From redeemed, in eons past…

To shepherds, staring on in awe…


From having Heaven as His domain…

To finding no place at the Inn.


Long before that night, He’d flung the stars,

And put them in their place;

Now, from that lowly bed of straw…

He gazed into his mother’s face.


When they looked down…

They saw a babe, lying in the hay;

When He looked up,

He saw a race, lost…and gone astray!


They saw Him helpless…meek and mild;

He saw them lost…undone…defiled.

They saw the manger where he lay.

He saw the CROSS…crucifixion day!

They gave thanks for the fruit of the womb…

He praised God, for the empty tomb!

They were excited to tell the story…

He was content to give God ALL the glory!


Yes!  Mary had a Little Lamb

Born on Christmas day;

The Sacrificial Lamb of GOD…

The Truth, The Life, The way!

From Heaven’s glory, to manger low…

Finally, dying on the cross…

He came that night for ONE reason only…

To SEEK, and to SAVE that which is lost!



Then, He’s seeking for YOU!

But the question is:

What will you do,

With this wonderful gift,

Sent from God’s own hand…

With this little babe…

Mary’s Little Lamb?


By:  Anita Mondragon  December 2007

-Anita Mondragon