By Anita Mondragon

Have you ever gotten yourself into a controversial discussion and you feel compelled to throw in your 2 cents?

If you’re anything like me- you’ve been there a few times ☺

The problem with me is that I usually throw in a lot more than 2 cents!

The thing is, 2 cents is usually ok to put in…but after that, the words that follow aren’t worth much.  “WHY?” you may ask. Well, let me answer that for you. 2 cents from most people usually equal words of wisdom due to having gone through a similar experience…they KNOW what they’re talking about.  

However, most of us don’t stop at 2 cents.  We feel the urge to share our opinion, and those are like belly buttons…we all have one and NOBODY cares!

A wise person will interject his 2 cents, stay quiet about his personal opinion, and bring the wisdom of God and His Word into the conversation.  After all, the Word of God and His wisdom is all that really matters!

Now that I think about it…it would be best to start with God’s Word on the matter, forget our own opinions, AND our 2 cents.  Because, next to God’s view…that’s about all our 2 cents is worth…2 cents!

-Anita Mondragon

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