By Anita Mondragon

She walks in degradation

Wondering, aimless through the streets.

She’s nothing but a tramp now…

But she once knew love so sweet;

When it still meant “Forever”,

And promises weren’t broken…

When feelings shared were good,

And love wasn’t a mere token.

When hope was all you needed,

And cruel words were seldom heard;

When it was what two people shared…

When it was more than just a word.


All hunkered over, near the dumpster

He reeks of filth and liquor.

He curses at things unseen to others,

While demons stand close by, torment him and snicker.

It’s really sad!  For he once knew love…

But, now…it all seems absurd!

Who’d hold him in a soft embrace?

No.  Love was just some sad, unattainable word.


Cowering in the corner

Of his lonely padded cell,

His mind adrift, like an empty bottle,

Upon the sea’s vast swell.

He ended up here

Because he forgot…

That out of all of life’s treasures,

It was love he should have sought!


Crouching behind the living room chair,

Hides a child so small, so fragile, and fair;

He’s been battered and beaten,

This poor wounded dove…

He knows nothing of kindness…

Nothing of love.

It’s just a word in passing,

But never taken to heart;

He’s never known its depths…

Or even felt some part.

Yes.   Love to him, was out of reach

Way beyond his grasp…

A thing he’d never dared to hope for…

A thing never learned in his past!


Can we ever find it?  This thing we call love…

This thing we all want so much?

Come, and kneel before JESUS,

Come…and bow at HIS feet…

And you’ll find it ALL,

In the SAVIOR’S sweet touch!

Anita Mondragon

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