Welcome to the Baby Nursery at Praise Center Church. Located in the educational wing of the building, we offer four age appropriate rooms for caring for your little one.

Our Nursing Mothers room is a quiet and tranquil setting with privacy for nursing your baby. You can continue to enjoy the service with a live stream on the LCD monitors.

The Changing Room has everything you need to change your baby in a clean and comfortable environment. Changing table, wipes and diapers are on hand as well as an area for making bottles and getting baby cleaned up.

For care during the service, drop your baby off in one of two play rooms, complete with age appropriate toys. There are also cribs for napping as well as changing tables, swings, refrigeration and on-site restrooms for potty trained toddlers.

Once you drop your child off, feel at ease knowing that you are just a call away with our call system. Your child will receive a call number that will flash in the sanctuary if you are needed.

We look forward to caring for your baby while you enjoy the service!