This morning when I awoke, I saw a full moon shining brightly over an ocean of blue sky. 

 Small clouds of different shapes and sizes – colored bright orange, were clumped together like a huge coral reef. 

 A few stars peeked out beneath some large dark clouds like barnacles on a ship.  

A light cool breeze softly blew, and seemed to chart a course, that slowly pushed those dark clouds like ships as they sailed across the blue expanse.

It was then I recalled the mercy of God!  As my own ship has sailed on this ocean called life, God has guided my vessel through the rough waters and the calm as well.    

I stood at that window and marveled at the mercy and goodness of God!  I’m completely amazed that when I allow Him to be the Captain of my ship, He will take the helm of my vessel and safely steer me home on His Ocean of love and forgiveness! 

-Anita Mondragon 10-16-2016