By Anita Mondragon
The other night I went up in the gym and began playing the old piano that sits against the wall.  Now, keep in mind I am not an accomplished musician.  In fact, I can’t even read notes; I play by ear.
Well, as long as I stayed right there in the middle of the keyboard, things sounded real good.  However, when I got in the lower or upper keys, I found that the old piano was out of tune.
The more I pondered on this, I realized the body of Christ is sometimes like that old piano.  Then I made it personal and examined myself.  What I found was appalling! As long as I am in the company of those I like, (me, myself, and I) everything is harmonious because I seldom disagree with myself.  I can even extend my circle to those closest to me and have harmony.  But when I get out of my comfort zone and reach out to those, not in my circle, I often encounter discord.  Things aren’t in harmony…everything is out of tune!
This ought not to be so!  We are to be in ONE accord.  Discord wreaks havoc in the House of God.
Granted, we are all different.  We have different views regarding politics, likes, and dislikes of material things, but in regards to the things of God and His Word, we are to be of like mind.  
The church is likened to the body of Christ.  A body only functions when it’s in one accord.  If a disease affects the brain, the body ceases to function properly.  The brain, in the body of Christ-otherwise called the church, is supposed to be Christ Himself.  Therein, lies the problem.  We all like to interpret the Scriptures to fit our own wants and needs.  This can cause a church to split if taken to the extreme.
Ask yourself this question:  If you attended a concert, and the music was out of tune-how long would you stay and listen?  Would you ever go back to hear that group again?  I daresay – NO YOU WOULD NOT!
If you find that you are “out of tune” with your brothers in Christ, go to them.  Make things right.  Ask for forgiveness and get yourself back into harmony with the body of Christ! 
Because, after all…the church is to be the great concert hall of God.  We are to be in one accord as we share the song of SALVATION to a lost and dying world.