By Anita Mondragon

On Memorial Day, we visited the graves of my in-laws and my parents. It was bitter-sweet…

I knew my daddy wasn’t there…only the remains of his mortal body were laid to rest beneath the cool dewy grass; and even though it’s been nearly twenty years…my wounds from his passing seemed fresh.

As I stood over his resting place, remembering all he had sacrificed for me, how he taught me of Jesus, and Salvation; I felt as though my heart was being ripped from my chest.  I know he’s in a better place…a place of peace and rest, and I would never ask him to come back, but my pain of losing him is still raw.

I woke up this morning singing a song that he and I used to sing as a duet at church.  He played the piano, and sang the harmony part, while I sang the melody.  It was a medley of songs that he and I put together.  The words go like this…

I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus, since I found a friend in Him, so strong and true!

I would tell you how He changed my life completely!  He did something that no other friend could do…  ( –Charles Weigle)

Oh hallelujah what a Savior!  Who could take a poor lost sinner…take him from the miry clay and set him free!  I would ever tell the story, shouting, Glory!  Glory!  Glory!  Hallelujah!  Jesus ransomed me!   -Julia H. Johnston

And that’s why Jesus is the sweetest name I know!  And He’s just the same…as His lovely name!  And that’s the reason why I love Him so!  ….Oh, Jesus is the sweetest name I know!   (-Lela B. Long)

Oh precious name!  Oh how sweet!  Hope of earth, and Joy of heaven.  Precious name!  Oh how sweet!  Hope of earth, and Joy of heaven!  ( -Lydia Baxter)


I cherish these precious memories of my time with my dad!  Even though he’s been gone for a long time, I still lean on his words of wisdom and advice!  Thanks daddy for showing me the way to Jesus!  See you soon…


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