By Anita Mondragon

Well…it’s happened yet again folks!  God used Teddy, my dog, to teach me a lesson.

As most of you know from some of my past blogs, Teddy’s behavior leaves somewhat to be desired at times.  …As does mine, I might add.  I believe this is why God speaks to me through Ted’s behavior; I am able to relate because I act the same way.

See…I have these flip-flops that I dearly love.  They were made especially for me with chunks of turquoise beaded onto the straps. I love turquoise more than diamonds!

Anyway, last night while watching TV, I kicked them off so I could put my feet up on the couch.  Teddy was under the couch, sitting by my feet. Though my feet disappeared from his sight, my shoes remained.  He always wants to be close to me, and since my feet were gone, he grabbed one of my flip-flops unbeknownst to me.

I didn’t realize until I turned off the TV to go to bed, that one of the flip-flops was missing. I looked under the couch, and, sure enough!  There it was…minus most of the bead work. Well, needless to say, I wasn’t happy!  Teddy got a good scolding, and was made to sleep in his dog bed instead of on my bed next to me.

At about 4 a.m., God awakened me and asked me ‘why?’ I was so angry with Teddy.  I explained that Teddy had destroyed my shoes…something that was created especially for me….

Then it happened.  I heard God say, “You…mankind, destroy MY creation every day!  And I created ALL things for man to enjoy.  However, babies are aborted, lives are destroyed by alcohol and drugs, bodies ravaged by lust and sex outside of marriage, minds fall into decay from pornography and doctrines that are not of ME….  But when you come to ME, MY arms are always open wide, waiting to receive you and forgive you.  I don’t hold you at arms-length, or make you wait until my anger or disappointment has subsided; I welcome you, I wait for you to come to Me!  …I forgive, and forget the wrongs you have done to Me and My creation.”

Well, after that poignant reminder, I did not cast Teddy away when he jumped on the bed to be close to me the rest of the night.  There was nothing else I could do as I reflected on my own disobedience to my Master.  

It was some time before I fell asleep. I laid there and marveled at the goodness and graciousness of God and the mercy He bestows upon me every day!


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