By Anita Mondragon

“From now on you will catch men.”  Luke 5:10 

 Also read: Luke 5:1-10

Christ sends us out to bring others in. -Unknown

It was a Sunday morning,

And as I usually do,

I went into McDonald’s,

To get breakfast for my crew.

On my way in, two other ladies

Graciously opened the door.

I gave a smile and said my “thanks!”

And went on to my task as before;

When one lady said,

“Well!  You look rather nice…are you headed out to church?”

I said, “As a matter of fact…I am!”

And she gave me a searching look.

“Well, will you pray for us?  ….

See…we’re on our way up to Vail.

We’re going to see the beautiful trees,

Before they fade and fail…”

I said, “Of course I will! …

Tell me…what are your names?”

Then their faces lit up,

As they recognized,

I wasn’t playing

A ‘courteous’ game.

They gave me their names, and we talked awhile,

Then said our final “good-byes”.

And it wasn’t until I got to the church,

That I fully realized…

They must have seen something different in me;

And I’m not talking about my attire.

They KNEW when we parted ways,  that I’d pray…

I was genuine…not a liar.

But more than being authentic,

I wonder…What else did they see?

Did they smell His aroma?  Did they sense His love?

Did they see Jesus in me?

The smile that I gave…

Did it mirror His face?

Did my words of concern,

Make them feel His embrace?

When time has passed,

And they recall that day…

Will they remember seeing Jesus?

Was my heart right?  What did I display?

Life nowadays, is so hurried and busy,

And because I have Jesus to fall back on, I sometimes fail to see other folk’s misery;

I forget that not everyone knows Him

In the personal way that I do…

They have no idea,

That HE can bring them through!

And the things that I do…

The things done by me…

May be the ONLY Jesus

They will ever see!

So, let my heart continually utter this prayer…

Let it my constant longing be:

That YOU JESUS, will be seen shinning in my life…

Let YOUR reflection be seen in me!

  Anita Mondragon

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