By Anita Mondragon
Oh, thank God—he’s so good!
    His love never runs out.
All of you set free by God, tell the world!
    Tell how he freed you from oppression,
Then rounded you up from all over the place,
    from the four winds, from the seven seas. Psalm 107: 2-4-MSG

The world was full of many lost sheep

That needed to be brought to the fold;

So God’s only Son, shed His blood for us,

His blood, more precious than gold!

For us that now know His wonderful love,

And have secured a home in the sky,

We must proclaim to all the world,

That Jesus wants none to perish or die!

For all people, all tongues, all nations, each tribe…

God’s only Son, came to earth to die;

He did it for them, for you, and for me…

On a cruel cross, He suffered in agony!

He left Heaven’s glory to bring all salvation,

Gave up His throne for us…His lost creation.

From every nation, kindred, tribe, and tongue…

All brothers we’ve come to be.

We’re sons and daughters of the King Most High!

His blood has set us free!

So, all you redeemed…sing praise to the Lord,

And dance before His throne.

You’ve been bought with a price…

Far higher than rubies;

You’re now HIS…

You’re no longer your own!

Dance before the King, lift high your voice and tell,

How when you were lost and in sin was erring,

Jesus turned your feet from the gates of hell!

From all the corners of this great earth,

Come!  Join this happy band!

Rise up and sing a song of praise…

Lift up your voice, and stand!

Sing praises to your God and King…

You’re LOST NO MORE!  …


By:  Anita Mondragon June 2008

One Response to “RISE UP AND SING!!”

  1. marie says:

    Yess n Amen! I will sing his Praise n they will ever be on my lips. I will sing with a grateful praise of joy for I was saved from a pit of hell! I sing with joy out of a grateful heart n dance with love of gratfullness of who HE is⚓❤Thank You HolySpirit for your Agape Love endless Love that never stops. Hallelujah Thank You Jesus FatherGod I Love You n My heart shall Rejoice forever More⚓❤Amen. ⚓AmenAmen⚓~*~~~

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