Chasing – The Wild Goose

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Sermon Notes

Chasing - The Wild GooseFor those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. Romans 8:14

Who is The “Wild Goose”?
6 cages that keep you from chasing the wild goose and fulfilling the purpose God has for your life!

1.    The cage of responsibility
2.    The cage of routine
3.    The cage of assumptions
4.    The cage of guilt
5.    The cage of failure
6.    The cage of fear

“When we lack the guts to step out in faith, we rob God of the Glory that rightfully belongs to Him!”

YOUR CHASE: (Questions to meditate on this upcoming week)

1.    What is your reaction to the ancient Celtic description of the Holy Spirit as the “Wild Goose” – untamed, unpredictable, flying free?

2.    In what ways have you been living “Inverted Christianity” trying to get God to serve your purposes instead of you
serving His purposes?

3.    Right now where are you on this spectrum? (see diagram on handout)

4.     How does the call to spiritual adventure strike you? What is it inside you that resonates with that call?

5.    Of the six cages, which do you think might apply to you the most and why?

Preparation for next week!
Spend time in prayer and the word this week as you ask yourself…

What makes you cry? What makes you pound your fist on the table? And let me add one more question to the mix: what makes you smile? If you want to discover your God-ordained passions, then you need to identify what makes you sad, mad, or glad. And somewhere in the sadness, madness, or gladness you will find the Wild Goose waiting for you.