Intoxication – Introduction

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Intoxication - IntroductionAlcohol and Drug use has been a pervasive problem plaguing society since the beginning of time. What exactly does the bible say about Alcohol and it’s consumption as well as the usage of chemical and modified drugs? This series will take you through a journey from defining what is considered a drug, how it affects your mind, body and spirit and offers biblical and practical solutions for overcoming addictions.

Some the pertinent questions people have about alcohol as it relates to scripture are tackled in this series. If Jesus turned water into wine, why isn’t it okay to drink? What are the differences between the wine of the Old Testament, New Testament and modern society? What if a doctor has prescribed me medication and now I’m addicted? These questions and many more are answered head on with scripture as well as personal and practical insight from Pastor William A. Rodriguez and his wife Francine Rodriguez.  We pray that this series will empower you with knowledge and practical answers to overcome any addiction in your life or help you with loved one.