“Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!” -2Cor. 9:15
If I could leave one thing to you,
Riches of the world, just would not do.
A beautiful home would be so nice…
But security and money would not suffice.
So if I may, I give to you
The gift of Jesus to see you through!
Money and fame and earthly treasures,
Might make you happy or give you pleasure;
But the greatest gift I could bestow,
Is the Creator of heaven and earth below.
For through Jesus, all things were made,
And the greatest gift, He already gave;
When He gave His life for you and me,
On that rugged cross at Calvary!
So my friend, I give you Jesus!
Don’t waste, or throw Him away.
Learn to trust and love Him,
For He’s the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Put Him first, and all happiness follows.
Try Him! He’s tried and true!
So my friend, I give you Jesus…
My Jesus, to see you through!
I give you Jesus, for He is love.
I give you Jesus, more than enough!
Greater than any gift I could give…
Here is my Jesus…take Him and live!  
I give you Jesus…
Take Him and LIVE!