By Anita Mondragon
If you belong to Jesus, you need to know…we are soldiers in the army of God!  
Most of us live our lives as though all is at peace in the world.  We don’t care to trouble ourselves with the weight of the world’s problems.  We know where we will end up when this life is over, so we are satisfied to sit on our Blessed Assurance and let the world go it’s way.  But let me remind you (me included), WE ARE AT WAR!  
A few years back, there was a movie called the War Room.  The lady in the movie had many prayer requests, so she made her closet the place where she’d pray.  She hung sticky notes with her requests to God.  She would daily go into her closet, close the door, and bring each request before the throne of God Almighty.  This closet became known as her War Room.  

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