By Anita Mondragon

He cares about us…we matter to Him;

When days are bright, or when they’re dim.

We’re always on His mind, and ever in His thoughts,

And all the plans He has for us, are with much consideration fraught!

For those gone on before, now stand before the Lamb…

In spotless robes of white, before the Great I Am.

They fought to win the prize; some, martyrs they became,

While burning in the fire, they still dared to speak His name!

They stood up for the Cross…they did not die in ease!

They faced the fury of Hell’s gates, and sailed through bloody seas.

They fought the fight, and kept the faith, and held His banner high;

And while dying for His cause, they never questioned “Why?”

So soldiers of the King, must now, new courage take…

For the storms we do so dread, full of mercies soon will break!

By: Anita Mondragon February 2009

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