By Anita Mondragon

“…the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love…”  Psalm 33:18


I was reminded of the above verse this morning when I stepped out onto the front porch!

I had been inside, making coffee, breakfast, and lunch for my husband to take to work.  Through the curtain, I could see the sun was ready to rise.  I decided to take a peek, and see what kind of beauty the Lord painted for me this morning.  I was awestruck!  In the distance, I saw a golden eye rising from the horizon.  The dark clouds of night were disappearing in the early dawn sky, as the “eye of the LORD” brought light where darkness once had been.

I have been praying about many things lately, probably like most of you reading this blog.  In my mind…it seems like some of those things are taking TOO LONG;  but seeing “the eyes of the LORD” this morning, there in the distance…I KNEW in my heart that He has not forgotten me…He hears my every prayer, and will answer!

He KNOWS those that fear Him and have hope in His unfailing love, those who trust in His promises!  So take heart!  He hears our prayers…He WILL bring all things to pass!


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