By Anita Mondragon

   (This is Jesus speaking!) …Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  Revelation 3:20


The greatest man, I hadn’t met

Lived in Heaven … afar;

Way beyond the sun and moon…

Somewhere, past the stars.

Every day, He said, “Hello!”

‘Ere before I knew His name.

I heard His voice in the waving grass…

In the thunder, and the rain.

He sat high upon His throne,

While aimless, I groped in doom;

And I never knew He thought of me,

While I was yet inside the womb.

The greatest man I hadn’t met,

Wanted His peace to impart.

He waited, so patient an entrance to gain,

While He stood, and knocked at my heart!

I opened the door, and looked in His eyes,

And felt the love…spilling out!

With His hand out-stretched,

He brushed the tears from my face,

And He banished all of my doubt!


The greatest man I’ve come to know,

Left it all…so that I could have;

And I gladly took, ALL He had to give…

This King became lowly, and died on the cross…

Just so that I could live!

The greatest man I’ve ever known,

Turned my sorrows into light…

Sad memories I had, all faded away,

And things that were wrong, were now right!

The greatest words I still haven’t heard,

But someday, I know that I shall…

Will be, “Well done!  Enter into your rest, forever with me to dwell!”


If He’s the man whom you haven’t yet met,

He quietly stands, and knocks, just outside…

Throw open the door, and invite Him in,

For He wants with you to abide!

  Anita Mondragon -June 2005

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