By Anita Mondragon
As the New Year drew near, I again found myself looking through some old writings.  I stumbled upon a poem written by an elderly lady that attended my dad’s church. She was a great poet, and a wise woman.  I decided to share the following with you. Enjoy! –anita

Another year has come and gone,

A new one is about to dawn.

The old year we once welcomed so,

Now old and feeble, sure must go.

We look but to the brand new one,

Forgetting old, the things He’s done.

How in this world of toil and strife,

He granted us a year of life.

Think of the joy we each have tasted.

Think of the many hours wasted.

Think as the year slips away,

Did I give thanks, forget to pray?

Did I give thanks to God on high,

For His own Son, He gave to die?

Did I find the time for worldly strife,

Yet none for Him, who gave me life?

A year we were so glad to see

Has passed into eternity.

Before we reach this New Year’s end,

We may have gone to be with Him.

Let us not look back upon the past,

Or grieve for years now done,

But gladly do each earthly task,

And thank God for His Dear Son! –Mable Barboe

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