By Anita Mondragon
I believe the spirit part of every man exists in Heaven before he becomes flesh here on earth…hence, the nursery window.  God knows us before we are formed in our mother’s womb, and He places His purpose in us, as well as our gifts, abilities, etc.  That’s why He could say: “I KNOW the plans I have for you…”  Just a thought…just an opinion. -anita

They used to be friends you know…

And they stood together at the nursery window, once, a long time ago.

Maybe that’s when jealously started to brood…

When he saw the Saviors love for us, and truly understood;

That as regal as he was,

And as wretched as we are…

We were loved and favored dearly,

By the Bright and Morning Star!

Since man is lower than the angels,

And Lucifer was the highest one,

It must have irked him to the core

When he heard the Father and the Son

Discuss the cross of Calvary…

To think!…The King of Glory, dying for the likes of you and me!

Maybe that’s when he decided to try

And take the throne,

And make the realm of Heaven,

His…and his alone.

He must have heard Them plan it out…

I think he overheard,

That God had plans to prosper us,

And bless us through His Word.

I have no proof you see,

But I truly do believe

That this is when he made his plans

To steal…destroy…deceive.

His hate for us has kindled long,

Like embers of a fire;

Like seething coals, it heats the air,

With fury, and desire!

His plan is to destroy us…

Make us fail, and not succeed.

To exist in poverty, lack and want

And like a beggar, plead!

But, we’re children of the King!

Not some beggar on the street,

Waiting for a pittance…

With our future growing bleak!

We have it ALL within our reach,

The riches of the King!

Just knowing that, should give us joy,

Should make us smile, and sing!

Evil plans can only flourish

If we listen and believe,

To the lies he weaves within our minds,

When trying to deceive!

Long ago…two plans were made…

Each one was set in place.

One was for the good of man…

The other…to destroy his race.

The choice is ours…both blueprints there;

But, be careful how you choose…

Because one choice will make you win…

But the other…makes you lose!

By:  Anita Mondragon May 2006

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