By Anita Mondragon
There once lived a young boy named David.  His grandfather and him were very close, and spent much time together.  Grandfather was an excellent wood-carver and made many toys for the local children.  Small sailboats were his specialty.  He introduced the art of wood carving to his grandson, David at the age of nine.

One day, David was playing with his small boat in a nearby stream.  He loved his boat…it was the first of many that he’d made.  He sat on the bank and watched it float down-stream.  As it floated lazily down the trickle of water, David laid back on the cool grass and watched the clouds go by.  He must have dozed off in the warm sun, for when he awoke, he discovered that his boat was nowhere to be found.  He searched everywhere, but to no avail!

David was very sad indeed that his boat was lost!  Grandfather tried to comfort him by saying, “You can always carve another….”  David knew he could, for he’d made many boats, and they were all precious to him…but it wouldn’t be the same!  He wanted the boat he’d lost!

While meandering through town one day, he saw his boat in the window of a second-hand store.  He knew the owner of the shop, so rushed in hoping to get his boat back.  The owner explained that he wanted ten dollars for the boat.  This troubled David, for he only had two dollars in his piggy bank.  David asked the owner to wait, while he tried to find the rest of the money.   The owner told him he could not hold the boat, nor wait for David to find the money to buy it back.  He said, “The first person that comes in with ten dollars will be the owner of the boat.”

David worked for days, trying to get the rest of the money, and he prayed every night that the boat would still be there when he had the full price needed.   He did all kinds of odd jobs for the town’s folk. 

Finally the day came!  He had the ten dollars!  David ran to the store, and was delighted to find the boat still in the window!  He flung open the door, and put the money in the owner’s hands.   He cradled the boat lovingly to his chest and said, “You’re twice mine!  I made you…and now I bought you!”

This is how it was with us.  Jesus made us…we were his.  But, one day, we got lost in the rough waters of life, and were unable to find our way back.  The devil picked us up and put us on display to the highest bidder…. 

Then Jesus found us.  The devil named his price for our redemption.  It would be the ultimate sacrifice…but Jesus decided we were worth it, so He paid the price by dying on the Cross for our sins, and He bought us back!  We’re twice His!  He made us…and then He bought us!

Are you lost on the waters of life?  Jesus is searching for you!    Don’t let His sacrifice be in vain!  He believed you were worth the price!  Call on Him now!


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