WHITE NOISE (noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities.)

By Anita Mondragon
“Be still, and know that I am God.” –Psalm 46:10

I KNOW this verse to be truth.  I’ve experienced it many times while going through trials in my life.  But, in today’s world…I find it very hard to be still.  There is so much going on – constantly, it’s hard to find a moment to be still.

My mind is cluttered. If I’m not watching TV, I’m on my cell phone, or computer.  Or, maybe I have the radio on.  Sometimes, I have the TV on while I’m on my computer…and then the phone rings…so I find myself multi-tasking.  It happens a lot!  Instead of living in the moment, I find myself planning what to do next. 

 Lists.  There are many in this house. I always have some kind of list going.  A list of things to do today…or the next day…next week…next month…next year…it seems unending.  Don’t get me wrong, the Bible says a wise man considers the end of things.   In Proverbs 14:15 it says, “But the sensible man considers his steps…”  Planning is good-but don’t let it over-ride the moment.

There is power in a moment!  A moment can change the course of history.  A moment can change one’s life-for the better, or the worse. There are two things that can ruin your future success – ignorance and haste. You need to understand what you are doing before you do it; understand the impact of what you are going to say before you say it!  “Do you see a man who speaks too soon? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”  –Holman Christian Standard Bible


Let us take a few moments each day to be still and listen to what God has to say to us.  Let us ask Him to quiet the noise in our lives, and unclutter our minds long enough to hear His voice and understand His will for our lives each day!


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