By Anita Mondragon

We’ve all seen them around town.  They attract attention to businesses.  They are long, bright colored tubes with faces and arms.  When the power of the blower (wind machine) is turned on, they beacon folks to come in.   They are inviting.

But to be a windsock Christian is a distraction!  Christians are supposed to be stable, confident, and steadfast!  So I ask you…

Are you a windsock Christian?  

Are you on fire for God one minute, but unsure of your beliefs the next?  Do certain ideas of the world confuse you and cause you to question if you’re too old fashioned because you just believe God’s Word?  Do you dabble in astrology, New Age, or Eastern thoughts as a way to “cope” with everyday life? As a Believer, do the sanctimonious, self-righteous attitudes of some throw you for a loop and cause you to stumble?  These are questions we should all ask ourselves from time to time because there’s so much out there coming at us on a daily basis…even in the church! 

Yesterday, the above verse came to mind as I pondered on pastor’s sermon-especially the last part of it where he was talking about the attacks of faith sent to us by the enemy.

I’ve been saved since I was seventeen, my dad was a Baptist preacher for over forty years, I’ve been in church since I was two weeks old…so my faith should be pretty strong.  But, unfortunately, it waivers from time to time.

I can usually get past the fear, my own feelings, and doubt that pastor was talking about, but the negative brothers and sisters in the Lord, really stump me!

The negative, have nothing good to say about anyone or anything… including their family in the Lord. They always have a better way to do something…but they are lazy and usually do nothing but complain!  If they do ask for your help, they are quick to let you know that they are the ones in charge, and “don’t you forget it!” They hold onto their authority like a sword, and wield it at will.

The negative people are usually friends with the defeated people, and you know the old saying…”misery loves company!”  They are unhappy, unfulfilled, and convinced they can’t be used by God; and they want to make sure that you feel the same way about yourself.  If you do start a ministry, they are quick to let you know that, “you just aren’t qualified!” OR “Maybe you should leave that to someone else who could do it better…” 

Brothers…this should not be so!  We are the body of Christ and should function as a body!  The human body works together as a whole, otherwise, it would not function!  

This, always trying to out-do, and out-shine…this competitiveness among the brothers is why the church in this modern day and age is not as effective as it should be!

These self-defeated, negative people need our prayers!  We need to love them in the Lord, and earnestly ask God to help them overcome this dread of negativity and self-defeat; but we need to distance ourselves also.  

My grandmother used to say, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”  Then she would warn me with the verse that says, “Bad company corrupts good manners.”  And then she would remind me that bad things and bad habits rub off onto good people if they continued to hang out with the wrong crowd.

During my rebellious years, I tested her theory, and found it to be absolutely true!  My actions, weather good or bad, largely depended upon my friends at the time.

Pastor made a great statement…he was quoting someone-I can’t remember who, but the guy said, and I paraphrase, “Why should I let someone’s words dictate my actions?”

I thought about that for a long time, because there are a few folks I’d like to slap to sleep and then wake them up and start all over again.  They are so negative, and self-defeated, and they push this nonsense on those around them. If this is a stumbling block to me…I can’t imagine what their example, or lack thereof is on a non-believer or a babe in Christ!

But then, I remembered pastor’s words, and realized I need to put them in God’s hands.  He will take care of them a lot better than I ever could with my words and actions!

So, the next time the winds of negativity, fear, doubt, defeat, and my own unstable feelings come into play…I need to take a minute and ask myself: “Will I allow the breath of the Holy Spirit and the power of God  keep my ‘sock’ straight and pointing at Jesus? Or will I let outside influences twist and turn me around so that no one, can see Jesus… the Savior in me?

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