By Anita Mondragon
I woke up this morning thinking, “Wow!  It’s ONLY Wednesday…nothing exceptional going on today…just ‘another day in paradise’!”

Do you ever get tired of your common life?  You take a quick shower, grab your clothes from the closet and hope they match, gulp down a warm cup of coffee…never taking time to smell the aroma, or really taste its goodness.  But, it doesn’t stop there; you head out to your car…no…it’s not a Ferrari, or even a Mercedes…it’s just a common, everyday car like a sedan or van.

You drive to your job.  You have a great work ethic, and although you loath your job…you do your best.  It’s nothing exciting…you don’t work for celebrities, or do anything that could change the world, like work in the Space Program…No…you get to speak to irate customers ALL DAY LONG, listen to them yell and curse at you for things you aren’t even responsible for.  But you silently pray, “Just let me get through the day, and hopefully get home without hitting the rush hour!”  Life is common for you!

Sometimes you get a reprieve from the common life with the occasional birthday party, wedding, or graduation; but these are short-lived ‘highlights’, and pass way too quickly!

But we need to do what Jesus did.  He embraced His common life!  He walked the dirt roads with His disciples, listened to their constant bickering and complaining, fighting amongst themselves about “Who was going to sit on Jesus’ right hand…”  But Jesus ALWAYS listened for His Father’s voice in everything.

You can do the same.  Have you ever listened to the rain falling quietly against your window?  Watched the snow float gently from the gray sky above?  Stood alone in the dark and watched the sun rise in all of its glory?  Seen the sun set against the mountains, casting its gold and coral across the darkening sky? Heard the birds singing their praise to God?  Beheld the beautiful hues of color in your flower garden?

If you listen, you can hear God speak to you in your mundane life.  He will talk to you on your way to work…or when you are caring for your small children and tending to their every need.

Pay attention!  Listen to the contagious laughter of your child.  The soft breathing of your spouse while they sleep.  The sometimes unwanted “kisses” from your pet.  The wonderful smell coming from your kitchen.

When your life begins to feel ordinary…common…do what Jesus did.  Open your eyes…LOOK at your world.  God is there…in EVERY part!

By:  Anita Mondragon


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