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Welcome to Praise Center Church.  We are glad you are here.  We are a body of bible believers dedicated to knowing Christ and making Him known to others.  If you are searching for answers, you are in the right place. Discover the many opportunities available for you and your family to get involved and to serve.  Come and be a part of all the excitement.
Below, you will find some of our most recent teaching series that can be streamed in real time or watched at your convenience. We also invite you to come and experience a “live” service. We look forward to meeting you. May God bless you in all you do!


 – Pastor William & Francine

Living By Faith – Part 8

Normal Lives Gone Bad – Session 1 – The Heart Revealed: Greed

Desires That Battle Within Us

The Bigger Picture Part 3 Isaac Martinez and Fernanda Hernandez

Living By Faith – Part 7

The Bigger Picture Part 2 – Relentless Pursuit – Sean Rodriguez and Joseph Cedillo

Living By Faith Part 6

The Bigger Picture part 1 Sean Rodriguez and Joseph Cedillo

Living By Faith – Part 5

Enough of Love – Rage is Here – Session 2

Living By Faith – Part 4


Living By Faith – Part 3

God Is OMNI All

Living By Faith – Part 2

Enough of Love – Rage Is Here – Session 1: Prejudice

The Good 4 You Lifestyle – Stress Less Live Better – Kelly Andis

Living By Faith – Hebrews 11:1-3, 6, 8-10

The Power At Work Within Us – Ephesians 3:13-21

If It Ain’t One Thing… It’s Another! – Pastor Israel Herrera

Have You Ever Felt, “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE?’ – Matthew 14:22-33 – Anh Le

Principles of Personal GROWTH – 1 Timothy 4:12-16

Get Ready For A Fight – 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

“Jesus, You Light Up My Life” – John 8:12 – Pastor Dan Fitzsimmons

“Allowing JOY Back Into Your Life” – Pastor Dan Fitzsimmons

Women of Worship – “The Effects of a Loving Mind”- Dr. Linda Shupp

“Facing Change With A Song”

A Message from Sean Rodriguez & Joseph Cedillo- “What NOW?”

Family Sunday – “A Quartet That Raised the Roof”

A Message from Sean Rodriguez & Joseph Cedillo- “Strength Training”

“Perspective vs TRUTH” – A Message From Sean Rodriguez and Joseph Cedillo

A Father’s Day Message – “The Fingerprints of a Man”

“TAMED” – A Message From Sean Rodriguez and Joseph Cedillo

Equipped 2 Serve 2019 – “Sacrificial Living”

Special Mother’s Day Service – “When Mother’s Pray, Mouintains Move”

A Courageous Soul – Sermon Bumper

Trekking Through the Himalayas

Easter-Resurrection Service-” A Message to This World From Mars”

Good Friday Message- “The Hideous Tangle of Human Problems”

Palm Sunday – “The Greatest Revolution”- 1 John

“At The Midnight Hour….God Is GREATER..Period”

Equipped 2 Serve – Personal Commitment (Bumper Video)

Equipped 2 Serve 2019 – Condition 5- “A Personal Commitment”

Equipped 2 Serve – A Strategic Plan (Bumper Video)

Conquer Your Fears (Bumper Video)

Equipped 2 Serve – A Radical Faith (Bumper Video)