If you have a heart for the un-churched children in our city, then we have the outdoor kids ministry for you! Metro Kidz is in it’s 12th season in Southwest Denver and we are continually looking for individuals with a heart and passion for inner city children.



Metro Kidz is a high energy urban Sidewalk Sunday School consisting of games, music, dance, snacks and an object lesson packed into 1 hour.

Here’s the exciting part: Its not held at church – it’s held in the community.  We have created a portable children’s ministry that brings church to them! Utilizing teenagers and adults we are able to setup, present the program and tear down in 1 hour.



  • 89% of Denver’s inner city children, under 13, do not attend church on a regular basis and 61% have never been to church!
  • The research is clear: 70% of all Christians make a decision for Christ by the age of 13.
  • We can’t wait around to see if they make it to church on their own. We must bring the Gospel to them and ultimately plug them into the local community churches.


The Metro Kidz 2016 program is held at Orchard Glenn Apartments Courtyard located at 3131 W Mexico Ave (approximately 2 block from the church) from 2 PM – 4 PM every Friday through July 29, 2016.



We welcome new team members, with creative ideas and lots of energy, to fulfill the mission of 1500 impressions this season.  Be a part of something significant. Several opportunities to serve are available and all it takes is a willing heart.

If you would like to volunteer please contact the church office at (303) 922-1131 for details.  There is an application, interview and background check process for all interested staff members, however if you would like to come and observe we welcome you to join us.



Although all our staff are volunteers, it still takes resources to fulfill the mission of sharing the gospel with children.  Sound systems, sports equipment, games, banners, flyers and food are just a few of the items that we consistently are in need of.

If you would like to be a part of planting a seed in a child’s life that will some day be watered and grow them into productive Christians then please consider donating to Metro Kidz – the rewards are limitless!