By Anita Mondragon
We’ve all heard it.  Perhaps at times, we’ve even said it.
“Oh my God!” is now a common term.  There is even an acronym for it OMG!  Cursing and using the name of God and Jesus can be heard many times throughout the day.  It may be used more in the world than in the church!  You hear God’s name used at work, in the general public, and especially on TV and in movies!  The name of God and His Son Jesus, are now among the common expletives used to express our deepest anger.  How sad!  Because the name of Jesus is LOVE of the purest kind!  He died so that we could live….But my question to those of us that use it so loosely is this…DO YOU KNOW HIM?  I mean, do you KNOW Him in a personal way?  Is He your friend?  Is He your refuge?  Is He your Savior?  
Years ago, when I was married to my first husband, he used God’s name very freely in conversation.  It wasn’t used in the sense of invoking the power of God into a situation, nor was it used to seek repentance.  It was in the midst of foul language and curses.

I specifically remember one time when he was angry at me and used God’s name.  Me being a preacher’s daughter, he began to apologize and tell me how sorry he was.  I said, ” Don’t tell me you’re sorry!  You didn’t use MY name.”  
Since then, I’ve experienced that same scenario many times while with friends and family that don’t KNOW Him like I do; but because they know I’m a Christian and don’t appreciate my Saviors name being used in such a manner, when they begin to apologize, I just ask them, “Do you KNOW Him?”  Many times it has opened the door to witness.
Am I perfect?  Far from it!  To my shame, I must admit I still say things I shouldn’t!  But I’m forgiven…and you can be too!  Just call out to Him.  Get to KNOW Him!  He’s the best friend you’ll ever have!