Sunday School classes for all ages are held every Sunday during the 10:30 AM service.  Students attend the Praise and Worship segment of the service and then are dismissed to their appropriate classes.

Our Sunday School Teachers create an effective learning environment and guide students in life changing, interactive, bible study lessons using FaithWeaver curriculum.

FaithWeaver supports parents by providing home activities and discussion questions to cultivate family spiritual growth. Sunday School teachers support parent efforts to train up their children in the Lord.


Teachers are only required to commit to one quarter (3 months) a year. Teachers teach one hour a week using FaithWeaver lessons that are already developed and prepared for you.  You will be trained how to use the curriculum and will be able to sit in classes to learn first hand about the joys of becoming a Sunday School teacher.

Quarterly teacher training also take place and are an effective tool that you can use to sharpen your skills and learn new and exciting techniques to communicate the Word of God.

Want to get involved but not sure if you can teach effectively?

We’ve got you covered, start out as a Teacher’s assistant! This options allows you to get your feet wet without having to jump in the pool. As an assistant you will learn with hands on instruction from the main teacher.

Contact us to find out of Sunday School is a fit for you.


Praise Center Church (303)922-1131 or