The night is nearly over.  The day is almost here. –Romans 13:12


If you were given only six words to write a powerful, inspiring story…could you do it?

After reading the above verse, these are the six words that came to my mind:


The ‘night’, otherwise known as the darkness in this world brought on by the reign of Satan, is nearly over!  The day which will bring the glorious light of Christ upon the return of Jesus, is almost here!

If you KNOW Jesus as your personal Savior, you will be ready for Jesus’ return.  But…what about those in your world that don’t yet know Him?

Most of us live our everyday lives like we will be here forever.  We never give a thought to dying. But… what if we’re wrong?

What if we would live every day as if it were our last?

John the Baptist had a nine word message.  It went like this: Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!  Many scoffed at his message, but many also listened and believed.

When we rise in the morning, will our thoughts and conversations be filled with our plans for the future?  Will we be like the rich man in the Bible that said, “This is what I’ll do.  I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store my surplus grain and I’ll say to myself, ‘You have plenty of grain laid up for many years.  Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.” But God said to him, “You fool! This very night your soul will be required of you…” –Luke 12:18-20

Some people won’t make it to tomorrow.  Have you shared Jesus with them? Have they heard about Him?  Could they make the choice to follow Him? OR is their fate already sealed because you didn’t use your knowledge of the Truth to help them decide?  And yes. Some will scoff…but if just one listens and is rescued it will be worth it!

As I write this, it’s almost bed time.  ….But the night won’t last long. When tomorrow dawns and brings the new day, ask yourself:



“If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him; If we deny Him, He also will deny us.” II Tim. 2:12


Living the Christian Life as a true Believer is not an easy task. Sometimes, we have the idea that just because we KNOW Jesus as our Savior, life should be a bed of roses and we should have no problems. We that have lived the Believer’s life know that the ‘bed of roses’ also contain many thorns! The secret to getting through the thorny parts of life is to remember the sweet times, the soft moments, the fragrance of knowing that the Almighty God is there with you … ALWAYS!


Jesus had his own “thorns” to deal with during His time here on earth, and NOT just the thorns they placed on His head! He didn’t have a house to live in. He walked everywhere He went. He ate whatever was offered to Him. The Government at the time was constantly after Him, trying to kill Him because of His ministry. His friends forsook Him in the end. Even God the Father…HIS Father, turned His back on Him! But Jesus never lost sight of the goal. The goal was to SAVE US FROM OUR SINS!


Jesus saw the end of things. That’s what He kept in mind as He hung there between Heaven and earth and died for our sins.!


Living the Christian Life is not an easy task…but WOW! What a reward it will all be when we see Jesus, face to face!


-Anita Mondragon


I just want to let You know, You mean the world to me!
Your love has made me who I am-the best that I could be.
I just want to tell you that You’ve made my life worth-while.
You’ve taken all my sadness, and shown me how to smile!
Just know, I’ll never leave You!  ….These ties I’ll never sever,
For I know You loved me then, You love me now, and You always will…Forever!
-Anita Mondragon


My dad was a farmer for many years and he had an old saying…it goes like this:  “If you throw a rock into a pen full of pigs, you can bet the one that squeals, is the one that got hit!”
I want to talk to you for a just a minute about getting ‘hit’ by the Word of God from the pulpit.
Some folks get mad, and never come back to church because they got ‘hit’.  Other folks ‘squeal’ in pain, but run to the altar to ask for forgiveness.  
You see, the pastor’s job is to preach the Word, and let the Holy Spirit convict us of our sin!  Some folks believe that going to church is supposed to be a wonderful experience with sweet words and flowery speeches.  Some of it is.  But the church is really supposed to be a hospital…a place of healing and curing all of us from whatever ailment we may have in our Spiritual walk with God.
I’d rather take the ‘hit’ from the pulpit, and from my friends and loved ones…squeal in pain, see my guilt NOW, and have the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness…change my ways, than to see the disappointment in God’s eyes when I stand before Him.  It will be too late to ask for forgiveness then.  Too late to change my ways!
You see, our self-righteous attitude disappoints other Believers around us and we become a stumbling block to their growth and walk with the Lord.  And, even worse, our testimony to the lost is destroyed.  We think we’re pulling the wool over people’s eyes, -and even the eyes of God at times, but it’s 100% cotton!  People can see right through us!  And so can God Almighty!  
Instead of seeing Jesus in us and finding salvation, they see lies and deception.  They see back-stabbers and connivers…lovers of SELF, rather than lovers of God!
Next time you get ‘hit’ by the Word of God that’s being preached from the pulpit…RUN to the altar and ask for forgiveness!
– Anita Mondragon    


This will be the day I come to KNOW You,
The day I find a love so strong and true!
We’ll meet there, at the altar of my heart
In that special place You’ve set apart.
I’ll pray, and I know You’ll listen to me,
For You died to save my soul and set my spirit free!
I know You loved me then, and I know You love me now;
The day they nailed your hands and feet and pierced your precious brow.
They scourged and mocked you sore and I know ’twas all for me
That day You bought my soul…that day on Calvary!
-Anita Mondragon

I am the Truth!

By: Art Herrera
The Lie said to the Truth:
“Let’s take a bath together,
the well water is very nice.”
The Truth, still suspicious,
tested the water and
found out it really was nice.
So they got naked and bathed.
But suddenly, the Lie
leapt out of the water and fled,
wearing the clothes of the Truth.
The Truth, furious,
climbed out of the well
to get it’s clothes back.
But the World,
upon seeing the naked Truth,
looked away,
with anger and contempt.
Poor Truth returned to the well and
disappeared forever,
hiding it’s shame.
Since then,
the Lie runs around the world,
dressed as the Truth, and
society is very happy…
Because the world has no desire
to know the naked Truth.
( Jean-Léon Gérome,
wrote the above in 1896 )
Have you invited Jesus Christ into your heart, if not what’s stopping you.
You can pray this simple yet sincere prayer inviting Jesus Christ into your heart. Jesus the door of my heart is open and I invite you to come in and wash me clean from all my sins, I now know the TRUTH and accept you as my Lord and Savior, in Jesus mighty name.
If you prayed that prayer I welcome you to the family of God.
If you need help message me and Together We Will Beat Up The Devil.
To God Be The Glory.

My Hand

By: Lee Pierce
Just sitting there quietly, I happened to look at my hand. As I studied it and thought of how well it has served me over the years, I began to marvel at its capabilities. Consider that a hand can do very small, precise things like pick up a small screw off a work bench. Conversely, that same hand can wield an axe to fell a large tree, or run a powerful jack hammer to break up concrete, or, in concert with our amazing eyes, can swing a bat and drive a baseball over 400 feet for a home run!

Most tools and other functional objects I use to equip me for life are intended for one purpose. Whether it’s a hammer, a screw driver, or a laptop computer, they’re intended to do one thing—not so the hand!

 As I sat there contemplating my hand and its amazing versatility, it occurred to me that my hand is just one component of an overall incredible construct: the human body. Prepare to be in awe when you take the time to consider other amazing body parts. Consider the functionality of your eye, for example. Or the constant pounding sustained by your feet, or your heart that faithfully beats a few billion times over a typical lifetime—Of all that God has created, mankind has to be the epitome of God’s great artistry, created in His own image [Gen 1:27] and He called it “very good.” [Gen 1:31]

 As I thought about my amazing body and how creative, wise, and artistic God is, another thought occurred to me. The Bible says in Romans [Rom 1:19-20] that we know intuitively that God made all of creation and, as it goes on to say, we are fools if we deny that and fail to honor Him.

 That led me to another associated thought: if we look around us, we have to conclude that a very powerful Being (and artistic being, we call Him God) created all that we see.  Yet, as it occurred to me, we would know virtually nothing about God except what He has created and that which we can see with our eyes. So how did our knowledge increase: He told us!

 Yes, what a wonderful gift is the Bible, the Word of God. Without it we would not know the name of God (or that of His Son). But, with the Bible in our hands, we can read words that came forth from the very mouth of God Himself! And stories of His interactions with men and women just like us. Not to mention the works of His Son on our behalf to buy our freedom from sin and death! God gave us His Word just so we could know Him so much better.

 I can only conclude that He must love us a lot given His efforts in creating me and you, and in His work to give us the Book that tells us all we need to know about Him. I hope you read it often!

Learn To Forgive…And Forget


Like all young parents, I made many bad choices.  They were done with the best of intentions, but I was new at being a mom, and some of the choices and decisions I made turned out to be the worst things I could have possibly done!  Yes!  I was stubborn too, and would not listen to wise counsel and advice given to me.  And…I sure didn’t need God’s help!  Or so I thought! I knew it all!  I was an adult and could make my own decisions. WRONG!  I see that now…you know what they say about ‘hind site!’

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Our Purpose


TO INSPIRE…  people to develop a heart for God (Psalm 34): Through biblically sound preaching; Through Christ-honoring music.   TO INCLUDE…  them in a loving church family (Acts 2:41): Through membership in the church family; Through fellowship with other believers.   TO INSTRUCT… them in bible doctrines (2 Timothy 2:2): Through Sunday school and adult bible classes; Through the discipleship programs C.L.A.S.S. 101-401.   TO INVOLVE…  them in ministry (1 Peter 4:10): Through weekly ministry opportunities.   TO IMPACT…  the 80219 zip code area, our city, and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mattew 28:18-20); Through Soul winning; missions programs; through training and equipping Christians to share Christ in the course of their daily lives.