This morning when I awoke, I saw a full moon shining brightly over an ocean of blue sky. 

 Small clouds of different shapes and sizes – colored bright orange, were clumped together like a huge coral reef. 

 A few stars peeked out beneath some large dark clouds like barnacles on a ship.  

A light cool breeze softly blew, and seemed to chart a course, that slowly pushed those dark clouds like ships as they sailed across the blue expanse.

It was then I recalled the mercy of God!  As my own ship has sailed on this ocean called life, God has guided my vessel through the rough waters and the calm as well.    

I stood at that window and marveled at the mercy and goodness of God!  I’m completely amazed that when I allow Him to be the Captain of my ship, He will take the helm of my vessel and safely steer me home on His Ocean of love and forgiveness! 

-Anita Mondragon 10-16-2016


By Michael Mondragon
I thought I would give my hard-working spouse a break today, as she has worked so hard the past week getting ready for our annual church Christmas party.

She baked and cooked all week, decorated and cleaned, prepared and placed the finishing touches on our home. She is always over zealous in her preparations in my opinion. Probably because she so enjoys entertaining and being a wonderful Hostess. She has a servant’s heart and just adores people and giving them her best! I love and appreciate that about her!  

As she tended to her morning routine of dishes and straightening up, I was afforded the opportunity to gather my thoughts about last night. We shared a light discussion of how much we enjoyed everyone and what a blessing it is to have loving and giving friends!

Well, to the meat of the matter…  As I sat down to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, I was looking around this morning just enjoying the peace and tranquility of our home, when I happened to notice that lo to my great surprise and enjoyment, there in the corner of the dining room, my Amaryllis had bloomed overnight. 

Now this may seem a little thing in everyone’s eyes and although everyone loves a beautiful flower, this morning’s mercy allowed me to see something in that bloom in a little different light.

 As I pondered the beauty of such a simple thing, that still small voice whispered to me about the Father’s glory in everything.

As I looked at the flower, I was impressed that the entire flower resembled a cross!  If you look at the attached photo you will see what I mean! After the initial impression, I heard the voice say, “look closer, there are two full blooms and one in the center yet to come”.

I was reminded that the Son and Holy Spirit have already come, but the Main bloom, the Father, has yet to make His full presence known! The beauty of the first two have manifested. We should all relish and glory in that at this time, but the full bloom and splendor of the God Head is yet to come! Rejoice and be glad for that time is soon



I encourage you to listen to the still small voice in your heart today. God is always speaking, are you tuned in? The Master calls and the sheep know his voice! 

I have added a picture of my Flower for you to get a small glimpse of what I saw today, as a blessing from my Father, I hope and pray your day starts off with a word from the Lord!


During my early years of childhood, our family was very poor.  We lived in a ratty old house with plaster walls, most of which was missing.  My mom would stuff old rags in between the cracks to keep the cold out.  I wore hand-me-downs until I was eight years old, and slept in a crib until I was six.  Christmas for us was very different indeed.  We struggled to have food on the table, so my brother and I rarely had presents.  This poem came from a memory of one Christmas in particular.

A ratty old shack

On the poor side of town;

No Christmas lights

Anywhere to be found.

Inside it’s doors,

Lived a family of four;

Wanting…and hungry…

So very poor!

I remember it well,

‘Twas the house of my youth.

Folks would laugh and point…

They thought us odd, and crude.

But I remember one Christmas,

Particularly well;

And that’s the story

I’m about to tell.

On Christmas morn,

I awoke with a start,

Excitement galore

Pounding through my heart!

No tree to be found…

Too poor, you see;

But a tiny wooden crate

Addressed to me.

I opened up the tiny crate,

And there inside I saw,

A tiny babe, looking back at me

Nestled in the yellow straw.

Daddy hoped I wouldn’t notice,

For I was very small,

But the babe inside the wooden crate,

Was my old baby doll.

My face must have shown

The disappointment I felt,

For dad’s eyes began to tear,

As his heart did melt.

He said, “Forgive me honey…

I doubt you’ll understand,

But daddy has no money

For presents like he’d planned.

So I searched the whole house over,

And gave you the best I had…

This tiny babe within the straw…

With love, to you…from dad.”

As the years flew by, I came to love

The memory of that night.

It is a time I will never forget,

For it brought me to The Light!

The Light held within that wooden box,

That first Christmas so long ago,

When God sent His Son to be born in a manger,

Here, on this earth below.

That’s how my daddy first introduced me

To my Heavenly Father above;

With that tiny doll, in the wooden box,

Given, with all of his love.

But, that baby Jesus, in the wooden manger

Is who God sent to me…

He’s the gift of love,

From God the Father, above…

A gift from Him…to me!

By:  Anita Mondragon      



I am always reminded of the verse in John 1:29 that says this:

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

That Lamb…Mary’s little Lamb, is Jesus!

One day, I was watching my grand-daughter, Audrey.  She came to me in the kitchen, and tugged on my dress… 

 “Grandma…will you read me some nursery rhymes?” 

 I told her to go get the book.  As she crawled into my lap and I began to read, the first five words struck me to the heart! 

 “Mary had a little lamb…”  

 At that very moment, God’s voice was almost audible, as I heard Him say to me… 

 “Yes…she did, and HE was the Son of God!”

 After she left, Jesus and I sat down and wrote this poem together.  

 Hope you enjoy! 


Mary had a little Lamb.

He was the Son of God!

That Christmas night He came to earth,

The angels did applaud!

They KNEW He would for sin atone,

And die upon a tree…

And by His blood, WASH all men clean,

And set their spirits free!

A light shined bright outside the door,

Where naught but darkness was before;

To light the way…to show the path

Of incarnate love, that would quell God’s wrath.


In stable low, while shepherds watched,

And cattle were a lowing…

The King, lay sleeping in the hay

Even though a child, yet knowing;

His PURPOSE for mankind was clear…

It was the REASON He appeared!


He went from sitting on a throne,

To lying in a manger.

From being worshipped and adored…

To being but a stranger.

From hearing angel voices singing,

Holy!  Holy!  Holy!

To hearing sounds of sheep and cattle,

In this stable, lowly.


From eyes of adoration

From redeemed, in eons past…

To shepherds, staring on in awe…


From having Heaven as His domain…

To finding no place at the Inn.


Long before that night, He’d flung the stars,

And put them in their place;

Now, from that lowly bed of straw…

He gazed into his mother’s face.


When they looked down…

They saw a babe, lying in the hay;

When He looked up,

He saw a race, lost…and gone astray!


They saw Him helpless…meek and mild;

He saw them lost…undone…defiled.

They saw the manger where he lay.

He saw the CROSS…crucifixion day!

They gave thanks for the fruit of the womb…

He praised God, for the empty tomb!

They were excited to tell the story…

He was content to give God ALL the glory!


Yes!  Mary had a Little Lamb

Born on Christmas day;

The Sacrificial Lamb of GOD…

The Truth, The Life, The way!

From Heaven’s glory, to manger low…

Finally, dying on the cross…

He came that night for ONE reason only…

To SEEK, and to SAVE that which is lost!



Then, He’s seeking for YOU!

But the question is:

What will you do,

With this wonderful gift,

Sent from God’s own hand…

With this little babe…

Mary’s Little Lamb?


By:  Anita Mondragon  December 2007

-Anita Mondragon

Christmas – Acrostic Poem


hristmas is

ere once again to

emind us, that this

s the day, the King of Glory, our

avior, Jesus Christ, chose to leave the

hrone of Heaven to dwell with

ankind; and

ll for the purpose…that He might

ave us from our sins!
– Anita Mondragon


By Anita Mondragon
The following poem was written the day after Christmas as I found myself still cleaning up from Christmas Eve!  


My son, Joe, keeps reciting,  ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, so I found it easy to write about the morning…and days after that wonderful holiday.


I’m sure all the mom’s out there can identify!  Enjoy!-anita


‘Twas the morning after Christmas

When all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring

Dog… cat…or mouse!


Well…except for me, of course; I’m mom!


The house was a mess!

Paper…ribbon…and bows,

Cluttered the floor,

And got stuck in my toes.

Half-filled glasses of Eggnog,

Paper plates…napkins too,

Littered the counter,

Making me quite “blue!”

But then I thought of the smiles

On each happy face;

And the mess in the house

Became a magical place!

As I wadded through piles

Of stuff here and there,

I remembered the love

That everyone shared!

Then I thought of “THE GIFT

God sent long ago…

Wrapped up in a manger

Found in stable so low.

I fell to my knees

To thank God above,

For that first Christmas night…

When He sent ALL His love!

I remembered a time

When I, myself was a mess,

But Jesus, in mercy,

Forgave…and did bless!

He cleaned me up,

As He hummed, all the while;

And when He was done…He gave a big smile!

I looked at the mess

Through different eyes now.

I made a promise…right then,

Before God, I did vow;

To clean up the “mess”

Made by family and friends,

And always thank God for them

When each day ends!

For they brighten my world

With the memories they leave

Every Christmas that passes…

And each Christmas Eve!

As I thought to myself…

To have that kind of love

Is the best kind of wealth!

To be blessed with love

Is all one can ask;

So I hummed, and I smiled

As I went to my task!


By:  Anita Mondragon  -December 2016

Thanks for the Reminder

Have you ever listened to young children talk about the things of God?  Their perspective almost borders The Divine!  
My son Joel speaks the most insightful words sometimes.  His brother Micah, did the same at a very young age.  For instance, last night, I sent Joel up at 8 o’clock to take a shower and go to bed.  That is his regular routine on school nights.  I finally climbed the stairs at 9:30 to go to bed myself.  It was a little early, but the day had been stressful.  As I passed his room, I noticed he was still awake.  We said our “I love you! ‘s” and our bed time prayers, yet once again, and I stumbled into my room and fell into bed exhausted, ready to sleep.  Just as I was dozing off, I heard him say:
“Hey mom! …People who have everything, but don’t have God, really have nothing.  And people who have nothing, but do have God…well they are the ones that really have EVERYTHING!”
PROFOUND!  What insight!  You and I know this to be true, be we somehow forget because of all the distractions a grown up life entails.
We said our “I love you! ‘s” and “Goodnight’s” once again and it got quiet.  Then I said… “Hey Joe…thanks for the reminder!”
Do YOU have God?  If so, no matter how hard things may be in your life…YOU HAVE EVERYTHINGYOU NEED!  Remember that!


“For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.” -Deuteronomy 20:4
What are YOU fighting today?  Be sure, you are not alone in the battle!  
Do you hear someone whispering in your ear?  “QUIT!”  “YOU CAN’T WIN!”  “JUST GIVE UP!”  “YOU’VE ALREADY LOST!” 
Do you have giants in your life that hold you back?  Things so big, you can’t seem to see past them?
Do you feel at times that the dogs of hell chase you relentlessly, lying in wait to devour your soul?
Have you committed a sin so grievous that you believe you are beyond God’s mercy?
These are all lies from the enemy!  
Call on Jesus!  He is ready, willing and able to fight ALL of your battles!  HE’S GOT THIS!  TRUST HIM!


“Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!” -2Cor. 9:15
If I could leave one thing to you,
Riches of the world, just would not do.
A beautiful home would be so nice…
But security and money would not suffice.
So if I may, I give to you
The gift of Jesus to see you through!
Money and fame and earthly treasures,
Might make you happy or give you pleasure;
But the greatest gift I could bestow,
Is the Creator of heaven and earth below.
For through Jesus, all things were made,
And the greatest gift, He already gave;
When He gave His life for you and me,
On that rugged cross at Calvary!
So my friend, I give you Jesus!
Don’t waste, or throw Him away.
Learn to trust and love Him,
For He’s the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Put Him first, and all happiness follows.
Try Him! He’s tried and true!
So my friend, I give you Jesus…
My Jesus, to see you through!
I give you Jesus, for He is love.
I give you Jesus, more than enough!
Greater than any gift I could give…
Here is my Jesus…take Him and live!  
I give you Jesus…
Take Him and LIVE!


I woke up this morning
And it was Thanksgiving Day.
I wanted to give special thanks,
But pondered what to say.
Then, I thought of all the things,
God gives me every day…
The things I take for granted…
The “Thanks!…” I never say.
See, I’m awakened every day
By a whisper in my ear;
“Wake up you sleepy head!
Wake up my child, so dear!”
As I stretch and yawn
In the early morning light,
I say, “Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the sleep last night!”
He smiles and urges me
To look upon the dawn,
As He speaks to the dark of night,
And says, “Go now!…Be gone!”
I see the sky…it’s changing,
As it turns from orange to gold;
Then the sun comes up,
And warms my face…it’s a marvel to behold!
And then my bird, though caged he be,
Breaks out in tunes so sweet and long,
And sings his praise to One, unseen…
A great and glorious song!
The cat sits in the window,
His eyes to Heaven raised;
And purrs his ‘Thanks’ to God above,
That’s how he gives his praise.
I hear my husband next to me,
His breathing soft and low.
He means the world to me,
Though I don’t often tell him so!
He’s the one I lean upon
In this world of constant strife.
I’m so glad God chose me
To be his helpmate and his wife!
I check my sleeping children,
Still lying in their beds,
And I see faint halos glowing
Above their little heads.
They’re just small angels given to me,
To help me through each day;
When life gets tough, and things are hard,
They brighten up my way!
My house, though small, is filled with love;
It’s full of friends, and laughter;
I thank YOU God, for my beautiful life,
Of now…and here…and happily ever after!