I woke up this morning
And it was Thanksgiving Day.
I wanted to give special thanks,
But pondered what to say.
Then, I thought of all the things,
God gives me every day…
The things I take for granted…
The “Thanks!…” I never say.
See, I’m awakened every day
By a whisper in my ear;
“Wake up you sleepy head!
Wake up my child, so dear!”
As I stretch and yawn
In the early morning light,
I say, “Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the sleep last night!”
He smiles and urges me
To look upon the dawn,
As He speaks to the dark of night,
And says, “Go now!…Be gone!”
I see the sky…it’s changing,
As it turns from orange to gold;
Then the sun comes up,
And warms my face…it’s a marvel to behold!
And then my bird, though caged he be,
Breaks out in tunes so sweet and long,
And sings his praise to One, unseen…
A great and glorious song!
The cat sits in the window,
His eyes to Heaven raised;
And purrs his ‘Thanks’ to God above,
That’s how he gives his praise.
I hear my husband next to me,
His breathing soft and low.
He means the world to me,
Though I don’t often tell him so!
He’s the one I lean upon
In this world of constant strife.
I’m so glad God chose me
To be his helpmate and his wife!
I check my sleeping children,
Still lying in their beds,
And I see faint halos glowing
Above their little heads.
They’re just small angels given to me,
To help me through each day;
When life gets tough, and things are hard,
They brighten up my way!
My house, though small, is filled with love;
It’s full of friends, and laughter;
I thank YOU God, for my beautiful life,
Of now…and here…and happily ever after!