By Michael Mondragon
I thought I would give my hard-working spouse a break today, as she has worked so hard the past week getting ready for our annual church Christmas party.

She baked and cooked all week, decorated and cleaned, prepared and placed the finishing touches on our home. She is always over zealous in her preparations in my opinion. Probably because she so enjoys entertaining and being a wonderful Hostess. She has a servant’s heart and just adores people and giving them her best! I love and appreciate that about her!  

As she tended to her morning routine of dishes and straightening up, I was afforded the opportunity to gather my thoughts about last night. We shared a light discussion of how much we enjoyed everyone and what a blessing it is to have loving and giving friends!

Well, to the meat of the matter…  As I sat down to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, I was looking around this morning just enjoying the peace and tranquility of our home, when I happened to notice that lo to my great surprise and enjoyment, there in the corner of the dining room, my Amaryllis had bloomed overnight. 

Now this may seem a little thing in everyone’s eyes and although everyone loves a beautiful flower, this morning’s mercy allowed me to see something in that bloom in a little different light.

 As I pondered the beauty of such a simple thing, that still small voice whispered to me about the Father’s glory in everything.

As I looked at the flower, I was impressed that the entire flower resembled a cross!  If you look at the attached photo you will see what I mean! After the initial impression, I heard the voice say, “look closer, there are two full blooms and one in the center yet to come”.

I was reminded that the Son and Holy Spirit have already come, but the Main bloom, the Father, has yet to make His full presence known! The beauty of the first two have manifested. We should all relish and glory in that at this time, but the full bloom and splendor of the God Head is yet to come! Rejoice and be glad for that time is soon



I encourage you to listen to the still small voice in your heart today. God is always speaking, are you tuned in? The Master calls and the sheep know his voice! 

I have added a picture of my Flower for you to get a small glimpse of what I saw today, as a blessing from my Father, I hope and pray your day starts off with a word from the Lord!

Peace Be Still

by Anita Mondragon
During this time when the storms of life seem to be unending, we can call on Jesus to step into our situation and we WILL find peace! 
When on life’s stormy ocean
My ship’s tossed to and fro,
While sinking fast and drowning, 
He reminds me where to go.