by Art Herrera
Today at the gas station a man yelled at me using some very colorful language…! He said for me to use hand sanitizer that way I do not infect him and his wife with this virus that is going on. I didn’t see any hand sanitizer so I asked him to show me. He came over next to me really close and showed me where the sanitizer was attached. I pointed out to him that he was only two feet away from me and if one of us was infected now both of us are. The man asked me why I am so calm with all of this that is going on in our world. I told him I have great peace because God is the one that has given me the peace.
In short, he told me God is whatever people make him to be and how mankind has destroyed the Bible. I told him for a moment let’s leave mankind out of this and focus on God and when I say God, I’m talking about Jesus. I agreed with him that there is a lot of chaos happening and people have become very fearful however I let him know that he, his wife his family and everybody has been infected with what the Bible calls sin when I explained what sin was to him I let him know that I appreciated his concern over me not using hand sanitizer. I asked him if he knew that the blood of Jesus could eliminate the sin virus that has been running in his life and his wife. He said no he didn’t know that.
I was finished pumping my gas at this time and had to be at a very important appointment that I cannot be late for. I told the man that he needed Jesus Christ to be in his life and that his wife needed Jesus to be in her life and if they want to ask Jesus to come into their lives they needed to do it right now at this very moment. I could see that the Holy Spirit was moving on their hearts and in their minds and his wife shouted out the door I want Jesus, I want Jesus I want, Jesus right now to come into my life and she yelled at her husband that he needed to do the exact same thing. I say hallelujah to this both husband and wife got saved at a Circle K gas pump. I get to tell the story but God gets the glory for what he has done.