Does God Want Out Of Our Quiet Time?

Well…I must admit…Shellie hit me right between the eyes a few times in this chapter!

My intentions are good. The desire of my heart to be close with the Father, is sincere! But I get distracted very easily! I’m like those birds in her back yard she was talking about. Some new idea strikes me…and off I run to pursue it. Instead of falling on my knees in prayer, looking in Scripture to see if this is what HE wants…I decide it’s a ‘good’ thing…and run after it. This has gotten me into more trouble than I care to think about!

Like most moms, I don’t have much free time…or quiet moments for that matter. I have learned to “talk to God” all day long. Sometimes, my talks consist of words of thanks and adoration. Other times, I cry out in total frustration. When things are really weighing down on me, I talk incessantly, and tell Him, “I don’t know what to do about this! YOU are just gonna have to fix it! Cuz I can’t !” If someone were to walk in on me, they would think I had lost my mind, because I speak aloud , sometimes I even yell, and I’ve been known to say, “Can You hear me now???” I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, but I am at my wits end, and in need of an answer! And yes, just like Shellie, I’ve asked, “Jesus, if you’re there, please make the lights blink”!

Sometimes, I’ve gone to God in prayer, and I can’t even think of a word to say. The situation is that bad! I don’t know what to pray for! But, HE DOES! See Romans 8:26 I haven’t used the words, “That’s all I’ve got.”, but I have said, “That’s it Lord, I don’t know what else to say…”, but that’s okay, because He is glad of our admission of being helpless. Just like an alcoholic or an addict, we first have to admit we have a problem we can’t handle on our own!

The last words of this chapter really resonated with me! Let’s read them again, and ponder on their significance…

“Let’s determine not to trade the best this life has to offer for the stirring of the wind. Instead, when we find ourselves distracted, as we inevitably will, let’s simply turn around and head home.” Good advice, Shellie! I’m right behind you!
Anita Mondragon

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