I Know I’m Not A Super Saint!

As I read chapter 2 of Heart Wide Open, I again could see myself.  I know I’m not a “Super Saint”!  I am anything but!

I’m more like the children of Israel.  I know God’s promises to be true…I’ve experienced them many times.  I can recall several times when He rescued me from certain death.  Times when He proved to be The God of, More than enough!’  But, like them, I seem to forget often!  They wandered in the wilderness for forty years….  Why?  It surely wasn’t because of God!  He promised to give them the land…but they were afraid.

Oh yes!  He provided for them in spite of their unbelief, just like He does for me.  Their clothes and shoes did not wear out.  He fed them with manna from heaven, just like He does for me when I’m weary, and He gives me my daily bread.  He gave them protection all those years.

When they fled the land of Egypt, God led them by a pillar of cloud during the day, and at night, He led them by a pillar of fire.  Look back on your own life….  How many times has God led you with the light of His presence during your darkest of times?

As pointed out by the author, intimidation left unchecked robs us of our God dreams!  It stops us dead in our tracks!  It keeps us in a ‘rut’.  It left the children of Israel wandering in the desert for forty years!

I personally would  describe Moses as a ‘Superhero’ of the Bible, and I’m sure most of you would agree with me; however, if we read his entire story, even he suffered from intimidation.  When he discovered he was not of the house of Pharaoh, but instead was the son of a Hebrew slave, and saw the affliction upon his brothers, he killed an Egyptian that was beating a Hebrew and buried him in the sand. He thought no one saw him, but he was wrong.  When confronted, he feared for his life, and ran to the land of Midian.  He was in that land long enough to be married, and have a son.  He was there until the king of Egypt died.  When God appeared to him in the burning bush, and told him to go back to the land of Egypt to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage, he said “Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?”  

WOW!  The audacity of the man!  We ask, “How could he speak to God in that manner?”  “Wasn’t he afraid of what God could do to him?”

Well…maybe we have not ‘spoken’ those words to God Almighty…but we may as well have with our actions!

When God calls us to be teachers, preachers, evangelists, missionaries, witnesses…we may not tell God like Moses did…no!  Not with our words…but we sure do let Him know in no uncertain terms that we think He’s nuts!  Maybe we laugh like Sara did when the angel told her she was going to have a son in her old age.  Maybe we run like Jonah.  Or maybe we just refuse to step forward and cross the Jordan into the Promised Land like the children of Israel.

Whatever action, or inaction we decide to engage in robs us of our God dreams!

God KNOWS you!  He knew you before you were ever in your mother’s womb!  He knows what you are capable of because HE gave you those capabilities!  He wants you to be willing to give up everything this world has to offer (which really isn’t very much compared to what He has for you) and find an abundant life in Him!

You need to ask yourself just one question….   “Is being a Sunday morning Christian enough for you?  Or do you want a lifetime of adventures with God by your side?”  

Reminds me of a poem I wrote a long time ago; the last line went like this…”The choice is yours…but be careful how you choose!  One choice will make you win…but the other, makes you lose!”

Anita Mondragon