Do You Want Peace?

This time in which we live is chaotic!  Shootings happen daily. Homeless folks are everywhere. Theft, violence, murder, rape…are now the norm.  But Jesus can still give you peace!  


The following poem was written in honor of my dad.  He was a preacher of the Gospel for over forty years, and many times his ministry took him to the Rescue Mission here in downtown Denver. 

He always took my brother and me along…he said it would help us in the future.  I hated going!  I was only seven years old, and “those people” scared the living daylights out of me.  But I remember one night in particular; it has stood out in my mind all of these years.  It’s the story I’m about to tell.  And by the way, my dad was right.  That night, changed my view of “those people” forever!  I came to realize…we ALL need a Savior!


He wakes up in the alley

Vomit, crusted on his face.

Propped up against the dumpster,

Thinking, “How’d I get to this place?”

He slowly stands, and shakes himself off…

Trying to remember.  He used to have a home and family

…A loving wife, so tender.

It’s been a while now since he’s lived this way out on the street-

Scrounging through the garbage, for something good to eat.

It all started with that one social business drink;

And as stress increased, so did his consumption,

And alcohol…well, it dulled his mind so he wouldn’t have to think.

He used to wear suits, and drive a nice car;

But now his clothes are all ragged, and he sleeps in the alley behind the bar.

He stands on the corner, and begs for a dollar

While people pass by, and they stare, curse, and holler.

Some of them scream, “You lazy bum!  Why don’t you get a job?”

But, few of them care to look at his face, or see his heart cry and sob.

They can’t seem to see beyond all of that dirt,

That this man needs help…for he’s bruised, and he’s hurt!

By chance, he stumbles into the Rescue Mission,

And hears the preacher on stage, asking for a decision.

“Do you want peace?  Because I can show you how to find it!”

With torment in his voice, he hollers from the door,

“My God I want peace!  Please…tell me more!”

The preacher on the stage, ignores the stench and filth,

And runs to this man so full of hurt and guilt.

He holds him close, and whispers, “I KNOW the Prince of Peace!”

The man cries, “Introduce me!” as they fall down on their knees.

That night, the lowly beggar got to meet The King of Glory

Because the preacher cared enough to share with him,

Loves’ Greatest Story!

By:  Anita Mondragon Published in 2009